Change in a short life

Lyon Keating:

That sounds like a good post that you should post sometime on the forum.  We’ve all been very busy lately and not much activity has gone on with it but it goes in waves and comes and goes ya know.  It’s funny because I think a lot of people think the same way about Obama.  Things haven’t gotten too much better but they still have gotten somewhat better and just after four years it is sort of undefined of where the next four years would go with him.  Honestly, I have gotten way more into Ron Paul and really if it was Ron Paul against Obama I would probably throw my vote to Ron Paul.  However, that won’t be the case.  I’m just too into the end the fed idea and so many of the other end the war and stop big outrageous government ideas that Ron Pau REALLY believes in rather than the dems and repubs who just say it and then actually both create bigger government.  But really, I think if Obama only serves four years it will leave a lot of questions unanswered for liberals and Obama lovers.  The relationship needs to go 8 years to really get a perspective on what worked and what didn’t.  If it doesn’t them liberals will be stuck in this limbo and will have trouble moving forward and adapting and improving their mentality.  It’s teetering on the working/not working but they need to see this till the end I believe.  I personally need to see my Obama ideas to the end and I hope liberals figure that out and actually vote for him again.  I mean c’mon do we want any of those other republican jackals in there?  It’s not like there is a good other, charasmatic leader on the other side.  Can you imagine if Newt or Romney or Santorium won?  Oh god, I don’t even want to think about it but then again maybe that would be good because it would bring the whole structure down quicker.  I’ve also read Ayn Rands Atlas Shrugged recently and have more firmly believe of late that if you want the system to come down you just need to not participate your good will towards it.  Let it die and crumble and come forth like a phoenix from the flames when it hits rock bottom.  Sometimes I don’t know if I’m helping the system by participating in it or if I’m making it worse by participating in it.  Hmmmmm….


Val Kilmer:

I don’t think you want to really let the system die.  I mean, I know the idea of revolution/reconstruction/etc is super attractive, everyone with an active brain feels it, but for example, the entire financial system really was like 36 hours from complete collapse in 2008. By “financial collapse” I mean in part that when you ryan keating would have gone to the atm, your money would have been gone, or at least de facto gone because money as we’ve come to understand would have been virtually worthless.  I think that’s hyperdramatic and awfully unlikely, but a lot of smart, rational, calm, non-hyperdramatic people disagree.  I have a good friend who’s rich who just bought like 150 acres in Heidelsburg, basically to build a place he can defend himself and his family if the country/western world goes Mad Max.  I think it usually sounds like crazy talk, but then again one of my favorite movies in 2011 was Margin Call.


Lyon Keating:

Yes, you are right.  I don’t want the system to die really as what you said would happen with the banks and great depression 2 and it would be shitty all around.  Can’t handle that type of short term devastation even if there is a long term benefit ya know.  Even in the book Atlas Shrugged (which by the way have you ever read?  Read it!) they had thought of a way to seperate themselves from the system but all hide and squander gold and plan to return when the world was destroyed by the corrupt regimes.  I don’t have gold bars in caves anywhere but, damnit, I sort of wish I did.  Wouldn’t that just make your life that much more exciting?

I believe in theory that the system should crumble just out of my pure boredom that nothing ever seems to change.  However, it does change and it happens very very slow (just ask anyone who studies Chinese history).  I am a big propent of saying when I teach history classes that history and change is something that is looked at and studied for centuries at a time or even hundreds and hundreds of years at a time.  There are periods of radical change but it doesn’t really change completely, instead going back in the other direction in extreme ways to not really balance back out and get to where you want to be until whole generations have passed and kids of kids and people in general have different norms, views, beliefs, all around ways of thinking and behaving.   Yeah slavery was over with the civil war but really was it?

I think it’s funny when people do the mad max thing.  I mean are you going to defend yourself against the world, from thousands of hungry people wanting to climb over your walls.  Unless you build a castle out in the middle of no where it’s sort of an adventurous pipe dream that you’re going to be able to defend yourself against hordes of desperate people.  Like I said, have gold coins minted in all sorts of amounts and keep it in a super duper fire safety safe somewhere so you can secretly access it and get to where you need to go in the world where total anarchy hasn’t broken out…Margin Call.  I’ll have to see that…and done, just put it on my netflix que at number one!  Haha…


Val Kilmer:

What you said about change made me think of ancient egypt, which I was always taught was an entire society/civilization essentially devoted to the idea that any change is bad, that what we have works so let’s keep it.  Yeah there were lots of changes along the way (ramses II stuff etc) but they always went out of their way to swing the pendulum back in a hurry.  I give them credit bc it worked for 3000 years, but I also don’t think that’s possible anymore.


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