A young rant in the days of being anti-american and Bush W

Harry Potter:

See man this is the kinda of stupid stuff that i was talking about.  People are certainly entitled to be upset that the candidate that they wanted to be elected didn’t win….but guess what, a majority of the country voted for Bush.

Also, claims that evangelicals are what won this election for Bush are absurd.  Yes something like 4 million more “religious” voters voted in this election, but guess what?  in terms of percentages there was no increase in the numbers of “evangelicals” who voted in this election than in the last one.

It is the democratic party’s apparent hostility to religion that is causing its decline all over the country.  Democrats were not just losers in the presidential election, but a majority of senate and congressional elections, not to mention a number of gubernatorial elections around the country.  Belonging to a religious community does not make you an “evangelical” or a member of the “christian right” and if the democratic party would stop labeling people of faith in a deragatory manner they might be able to better tap into the so-called “religious vote.”

The democrats talked about wanting to unite the united states.  To form a country where every voice is heard.  yet now many people insist on spreading these stories of secession, or how Christians are taking over the country, or what not.  To me it appears that they are doing
everything they can to divide the country further down these stupid “ideological” boundaries that in reality mean absolutely nothing.

So please, keep the childish, partisan, anti-american e-mails coming.  They really brighten my day.


Lyon Keating:

I felt compelled to write you back in response to your email.  I couldn’t help but sense a very bitter and arrogant tone in your letter that I want to talk about.  I want you to know that the emails I send you are in no way to be taken as political or moral truth.  My intention is just to get people to think about the system in place and possibly see the imperfections that surround it.  I know I am not an all knowing person who claims to have all the answers but I think it is important for you to realize that about yourself as well.  Your email made me feel like a child who was being lectured by an adult on the difference between stupidity and intelligence, and I was on the side of stupidity.  At the end of your letter, you even went as far as calling myself and my articles childish and anti-American, which I think it absurd.

I have always been confused by the term anti-American and people throw it around so freely these days, but what does it really mean?  Now, I don’t know your exact political views but many conservatives/republicans, and your letter for that matter, seem to suggest that anti-American is going against the current system.  Am I truly going against all American ideals when I send emails to people suggesting improvement in the system?  What if people never did this?  Where would our country be?  How can you be so sure that you stand so rightously for American thought and I do not?  Lets take a look at American history for this matter to find out what true American ideals are.  When our country was first founded, the only people that were allowed to vote were people who owned land.  It was very anti-American for people to think and suggest that this would ever change, but as time passed it was decided that this was not a good system and it’s a good thing to because if it didn’t change neither of us would be able to vote.  Years later, there was another thing called slavery.  If there was ever something that could be labeled American it was slavery since we were the last industrialized country to ban it.  Slavery helped the economy and made people rich very fast, and when people started to oppose it, they were considered very anti-American.  How could people go against such American ideals of capitalism, profit, and exploitation of African savages?  Thankfully, people kept pushing the issue and changed the system.  Today we can now all agree slavery was a horrible part of our past-time.  To name one more example, there was also a time in our past when woman couldn’t vote.  Imagine that!  50% of our population had very little, to no say, of what happened in their own country, and suprisingly not too many people were bent out of shape about it.  It was very anti-American to suggest that woman should vote because that was not how the American political system functioned at the time.  Again, we are in debt to the minority of people who pushed for this to happen because it supported equality and made our country into a better place.

The point I am trying to make Harry is that by you calling me and my emails anti-American you are showing that you don’t know what that term means.  American thinking, is in fact, going against the system in power, exposing it for its faults, and changing things in order to promote social harmony and a fair, better environment for more people to live in.  Would you call William Loyd Garrison, leader of the abolitionist/anti-slavery movement, anti-American?  What about Martin Luther King Jr.?  The list can go on and on.  What all these people have in common is that they had a vision that America could be made into a better place.  I know I will probably never amount to the accomplishments of these great people or affect as many as they did, but I do hope I can affect some.  In a way, I can relate to these admirable individuals because I do possess a similar vision.  Maybe some day America will change and supply a greater amount of the population with health care.  Maybe some day our country won’t be motivated by wealth to the point where we invade countries and waste the lives of our soldiers.  And who knows, maybe some day gay people will be allowed to marry.  The vision I have is for the place I live to be better and when you call me and my articles childish and anti-American I am deeply offended and view you as a pawn in our society that is blinded by propoganda.

Overall Harry, I hope you don’t hate me now because I certainly don’t feel that way towards you.  I was just writing you because I really didn’t appreciate the tone in your letter and how it made me feel as big as an ant.  You’re not better than me and I am not better than you.  Don’t be so quick to pass judgment on others and label them as you did with me by calling me anti-American.  I really  hate that term and it just angers me that this adminstration pushes that saying as much as they do.  Maybe they should look in the mirror for anti-Americanism.  What was one of the biggest foundations our country was built on?  A seperation of church and state, and George Bush and his administration have come much closer to putting those two things back together where they don’t belong than many other administration.  If you didn’t pass judgment on some of my articles so quickly you might have at least thought about that.  Anyway, lets both do each other a favor and try to be a little more open minded, and sensitve to other people in the future.  This way we can strive to improve our country for the most people possible instead of increasing the gap of the have and have nots   It can only help us out in the long run.


Harry Potter:

First of all, rather than suggesting that I hate you, or am passing judgement on you, I would recommend that you read some of your mass e-mails that you have sent out.  I have absolutely no problem with you, or anyone for that matter expressing their opinion (even if it is in the minority) when done in a thoughtful and respectful way.  However, with that said, I do consider it childish when this opinion takes on the form of lies and bitter accusations that do nothing but promote a sense of fear and resentment.

Anyone who would have actually looked into the FDA appointment would have realized that it could not possibly be true.  Someone is in that position for at least another two years.  But, since it “proved” how the “crazy, right-wing, evangelicals” were taking over the country many people, such as yourself spread it around, trying to get people to sign a petition to stop an appointment that was never going to happen in the first place.  I am sorry that you felt like you were on “the wrong side of stupidity” or however you put it, but to me it is stupid, or at least unwise to pass on falsehoods as truths.  I am in no way suggesting that I would endorse such an appointment myself.  I would also speak out against it.  However, what good comes from spreading such hurtful, divisive propaganda?

Given that I am an American history major as well as economics, and plan on getting PhDs in both fields one day, I completely agree with your sentements that some of America’s most proud moments have resulted from a minority position for pushing for what is right.  I am of course speaking of ending slavery, and equal rights for women, etc. as you listed in your e-mail.  However, I immensely disagree with your equating the e-mails that you send out, or even most of the current accusations against the Bush administration with these movements.  I mean, I seriously doubt that we are ever going to agree on many political or philosophical issues given your stance and my own, but I completely fail to see how spreading for lack of a better word, lies,
is even remotely comparable to emancipation, enfranchisement and Civil Rights.

This is not to say that the current administration is without faults.  In 2000 I would have proudly voted for Gore over Bush had I been old enough to vote.  And in 2008 I can honestly say that I might not vote for a Republican candidate.  However, given the current state of the world I felt that a Kerry administration would have been a disaster for the United States.

If you would like to discuss my personal stance on some of the contemporary issues I would be more than willing too.  In fact, that would be a much welcomed change for the polemical e-mails I typically get from my more liberal friends.

I apologize that you were offended by my saying your e-mails were anti-American, but rest assured that my usage of the word, had nothing to do with who is president as you suggest in your e-mail.  What else would could you call attempting to divide, rather than unite? What better word would there be for the spreading of hurtful and offensive mistruths?

If your goal is to get people to think about the system and its flaws, why not simply bring up actual flaws and actual issues, rather than things which are fundamentally wrong?  You might have found my calling this childish and anti-American, absurd, but surely you would agree that discussing actual problems, rather than invented ones would be better?  I completely agree with you that there are issues that need to be addressed in this country.  The rise of people calling for an integration of church and state is certainly one of the most important.  I laugh when I hear people say we need to put God back into the government, because he was not supposed to be there in the first place.  But this does not mean that all people of faith are right-wing evangelicals out to screw people from the left, as some of your e-mails suggest.  And the assumption that somehow W is responsible is also laughable.  I cannot think of a president in the modern era that has not referrenced God as being important or one of his most important advisors.  Even Kerry attempted to get the religious vote by saying so much.

In closing, I am truly sorry that you felt like I was talking down to you and were offended in my last e-mail.  However, I would hope that you would also see how someone who clearly looks at the world differently than you would feel the same way given the lack of variety in the mass e-mails you send.  I was not passing judgement on them, I was just astounded that so many bright people would be fooled by false information.


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