An apology

Lyon Keating:

I heard through the grapevine that you were really upset with me for writing that letter in response to your letter.  All I can really say about that is that I am deeply sorry that I offended you.  We’ve had a long history together, from competing in fourth grade multiplication tables and finding you on the playground and having you tell me you were trying to figure out a cure for cancer to eating dim sum in your house and spilling gallons of soy sauce in your garage in the more present.  Things have probably changed dramatically in both our outlooks on life from even a couple of years ago but one thing will always remain constant and that is my friendship and admiration for you.  You’re an amazing perso..  I was talking with my mom the other day about you and discussing how no matter what situation you found yourself in you brought such an amazing amount of positive energy.  You offer a lot to the world and I hope you never lose that spark and become jaded by anything.  I also hope that you can find it in your gut, mind, and heart to forgive me for putting you off from my letter.

Yes, I know there were some pretty heavy questions I asked you but you have to understand that everything was coming from a good place with good intentions.  I have a curious mind and some pretty extreme questions came up for me while I was reading what you wrote and I felt compelled to ask what I was feeling.  No, I don’t think you are sending young, innocent men to die on the front line.  You have a higher calling and I presume you are doing things and involving yourself with elements of life that give you meaning, purpose, and direction.  If those questions are too heavy for you or they remind you of things you just don’t want to think about then I am again sorry for trying to pry into your psyche.  I thought that you could give me some direction and go into detail about some of the things you wrote.  Asking questions shouldn’t be considered taboo.  If anything, they should be an opportunity to put forth American ideals.  The war the U.S. has involved itself in is not going to be won on the battlefield.  It is a war of ideas and it is going to be won by justly expressing itself for why our policies have projected ourselves into the Islamic world in the first place in a manner that won’t create resentment within the U.S., Middle East, and the world.

Truly man, I’m a teacher and when I try and teach more contemporary issues I have a hard time putting forth positive, good arguments about the U.S. involvement in the Middle East.  If anyone could have given me a truthful insight I believed it was you and that was why I wrote you back.  I know it’s hard and frustrating at times to hear anti-military/American questions and or statements by people or countries that our country defends and provides freedom and liberty for, but beneath all the rhetoric are perspectives that can illuminate the situation and help us make better strategic decisions.  Weather it’s obvious or not we all play an important role in forming situations that will create a better world.
P.S. oh yeah…I’ve never used your name in any of the conversations I’ve had with people about this that don’t already know you.  Thought you’d like to know that….wish the best for you dude and just like Jenny told Forrest Gump, “do whatever it takes to come home safe.”


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