The uninhibited Lyon

Lyon Keating:

A purpose without restrictions:

Defining your true Purpose could be started with the kind of statements that you’d tell yourself about what you’d love to be able to do if life put no restrictions on you.

If life put no restrictions on me I think I would live a very flexible life traveling around and living periodically in many places helping people.  I would have residences in various parts of the country/world around people I knew and loved (good friends and family) so that I could swing by and connect with these people from time to time and all this moving around would keep me stimulated and not bored.  My home base would either be by a warm beach to surf on or in a not so bigger than life itself city like SF where my family and friends are and the people are peaceful and chill.

I would love to help my friends and families out in whatever they needed help with.  As a job I would also love to teach, lead, assist, organize, network, money manage, educate kids and adults and communities in how to practically make their lives better whether for personal reasons or business/work related, career reasons.  Organizing and maintaining schools would be a cool job.  Anything that involved setting a positive entity up to be self sufficient and run on it’s own or for people to learn from me how to run it and then be able to run it on their own.  How can communities benefit from learning from motivated, organized, fiscally smart individuals who are teachers and leaders?  What plans need to be constructed and things need to be learned in order to live a better, more fulfilled life would be the emphasis of my teachings and communications with people.  I love helping out people, especially ones I love.  I love doing fun, healthy things and having life experiences with people I love.  As well, I love meeting and interacting with new people and starting all sorts of new relationships where we are involved in genuinely helping one another achieve positive ends…Bonding through sports and the fun of doing something active, athletic, and competitive brought me joy as a child.  I did not like to sit around…Possible career choice, athletic child/adult sport coordinator.

My Purpose Statement

  • I like to experience new, stimulating scenarios by helping people who want to help themselves.  This can be accomplished by helping them out with their problems, making their life better, and achieving their goals by becoming self reliant and sufficient and educated through my personable approach and organization, money management, teaching, and leadership skills.  I also strive to live a balanced life between my personal life and what I like to do on my own time and professional life of helping people, although they can be very intertwined.

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