The goods, the bads, the life

Lyon Keating:

The Goods

Personal/Family: 1. Have loving and supporting and great parents, siblings. 2. Have amazing friendships with my old friends in SF that I’ll never lose. 3. Have lots of free time and time to exercise and be healthy and do what I want 4. Have an amazing girlfriend/relationship.  I can’t imagine being in one any better.  Totally content. 5. I love the cities I have lived in and love urban settings and have been personally and culturally stimulated and entertained by them. 6. Even though it’s lonely at times, I’m excited to be on my own and delving into trying to figure out what will improve my life and give it more meaning.

Career: 1. Have developed a sense that I can run successfully my own business and market myself.  I have talents that are in demand and can make me money. 2. By not having a job I am flexible to go in any direction I want. 3. I like the fact that I am a teacher, I like that it is a job that is flexible and can be brought with me no matter where I live, despite not having lots of chance for employment right now. 4. I think teaching others is a meaningful/fun profession with the chance for a lot of intimate connections with people. 5. I have a job that makes me the money that I can live off of and basically achieve my saving goals with that doesn’t take up too much of my time. 6. I am excited about being a substitute secretary as the organization of the job seems like something I am really good at and would want to do in the future. 6. I’m exploring other opportunities that could provide other means of incomes (I like doing different things and for example if I can make $1000 a month here doing this and $1000 a month there doing that with things I at least sort of like I would be very happy and entertained).  Taken all together, they can be a full time job.  I like to have expendable ways of making money.  If I choose and need to work really really hard then I make more.  Other months I could take it off a bit more and do other things….I love FLEXIBILITY!!!!

Financial: 1. I am very good with money and staying within budgets. 2. I am very good with saving money and most of the time meet my minimum savings goals and very often meet my maximum savings goals. 3. I have a job that creates the amount of money that allows for me to live within my means and able to save with doing work that isn’t that time consuming and easy for me to do. 4. This situation allows for me to be picky and not jump into a job I don’t like or find meaningful. 5. I will be in a VERY good position financially when I do dedicate myself to another job or day job.


The Bads

Personal/Family: 1. I have few outlets for friends.  Like to do things with people and feel that meaningful, good friend connection. 2. I miss the important good friend people in my life from back home. 3. I’m bored at times, not as stimulated as I want to be, and am having a hard time figuring out what direction to go in.

Career: 1. I’m in a dead profession at the moment with little or no opportunity for teaching high school kids social sciences and the pay is not good. 2. Because of reason one, I’ve become more bitter and frustrated and resentful towards education and although I would take a job in a second if there were one available I am naturally steering towards other things while I wait out the shitty job market.  I have a natural urge and motivation to do other things. 3. I don’t know what those other things are like what they’re called and/or where to find them.  I would love to try and teach adults in a business setting to try something new.  It seems to pay better and is just something different.  How does one go about searching for jobs that include these characteristics? 4. I’m at a crossroads wondering if I should take on another career (example of massage therapy) where I can get a skill where I can market myself and use my good, efficient business and organizational skills to control my own destiny.  In this way, I could get another way minor way to make money that is flexible, can be done in different places I live and is just overall flexible in nature. 5. Traditionally styled school is almost out of the question.  I can’t see myself in a stuffy classroom listening to a stuffy teacher talk about theory and text books.  I just won’t be successful and I won’t do it.  I need to see a direct incentive and goal/motivation for why I am doing school.  I need it to be hands on.  That is how I learn and that is what I respond to.

Financial: 1. I’m worried that I’m putting all my eggs in one basket with education that is low paying and hard to find employment.  I’m confident that I’ll be able to most of the time at least to make some money off it (full time teaching, subbing, etc.) but am realizing it is going to have to play a part among the things I do in order to make the money that I would like. 2. Airbandb is a good side project to make money but I don’t want to rely on it as much as I’m doing right now (3 apartments, would like only 1 or 2). 3. Believe I need to have at least one more form of money making ability (like a skill or something) hence why I’ve been thinking of massage therapy as a means to that end.  I can making money and running a business that could be somewhat on my own time and make the money I want with it.  However, I want to really try to make sure this is something I want to do as the program is one year and lots of money.  Can I really see myself doing this?


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