Strengths, weaknesses, opportunites, threats

Lyon Keating:


  • Care about People, Personable, good Communicator
  • Good Writer, put together two books and lots of other writing
  • Extreme Critical, Methodical, Philosophical Thinking skills
  • Organized
  • Fiscally responsible
  • Good leader of people
  • Good motivator, speaker
  • Good teacher, classroom manager of people (160 students in a year, 30-40 per class), supreme organizer of grading. CA cleared teaching credential in social sciences
  • Love work smarter not harder approaches, figuring out ways to make things work for you.
  • Task oriented, passionate, and intense about things I care about
  • Love hands-on things
  • Can run successful my own business and market myself well
  • Love to have fun and not be bored
  • Live a balanced life between work and play
  • Love to consider different approaches/options to living fulfilled
  • Willing to take risks
  • Not traditional, don’t care what people think of me
  • Am very healthy and active



  • Have a hard time doing things, motivating myself if not into and/or passionate about, see a purpose related to helping people/world.
  • Don’t have a masters, only a ba and teaching credential
  • Can only go back to school if I’m really into or have a direct incentive or specific reason for doing it
  • Get fed up and want to quit jobs that don’t cater to my strengths and skills
  • Need to have a job that allows for flexibility for some travel and/or time off and/or work from home to live my own life and go forth with my own pursuits
  • Don’t like corrupt rule/bosses and doing what they say
  • Only have mostly substitute teaching experiences with about four 2 to 4 month full time teaching stints with some home school.  There are no jobs in shitty economy
  • Have no idea what jobs are called or what I could do outside the teaching profession
  • Sometimes can come across as impatient and domineering and only seeing things through my eyes
  • Can’t sit still
  • Not traditional, don’t care what people think of me



  • Running my own successful business with airbandb (a demand for it).  Can use my skills from this for other things.
  • Undertaking another skill set to have a renewable source of income (ie: massage therapy) that I can use on my own and market myself for and make money from using acquired business skills.  Can see a demand for it (ie, working for $40 to $50 an hr/massage at 15 to 20 a month could work for me).  Can couple this with airbandb or have it be separate
  • Options are always good.  Love them
  • Enrolling in life/career coaching classes to get more of a sense and structure as to more specifically what’s out there for me to do
  • The business world!  Know nothing about it and I seem to think my skills could be put to good use doing something I at least somewhat enjoy
  • Have room for a day job and at least a decent paying one could double my monthly income and allow me to save LOTS of money for the future



  • Shitty economy.  No jobs in education and many other areas.  Have to rely on running my own business and marketing myself for real money to be made rather than inefficiently using all my time with low paying and/or jobs I don’t like
  • Don’t have a MA
  • Could get/enroll in jobs/school that I don’t like and feel stupid and worthless giving time to and wasting money with
  • Business could fold if landlords find out or don’t like what I do…would have no money in this scenario
  • Don’t want to rely soley on my airbandb business or think about it for long term (more of a side thing to make money)

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