Passively creating our paths

Lyon Keating:

What has your life proved to you?

I am assuming for myself that the result is not finding employment in education, failing at school, moving somewhere else, starting my successful business with airbandb.  I must have moved in these directions naturally.  I’ll admit, I am not super stoked to be battling the bureaucratic, powers that be in finding an educational job.  I am also not stoked to be forced to teach certain content that I believe makes kids stupider that the public schools prescribe to and have to continue battling the powers that be for this as well.  I am not super stoked about being put in a position in education where it is almost an impossible situation to succeed with the amount of kids you have to manage and the time and energy that goes into being a good teacher.  I am not stoked about the low pay.  Basically the whole process of education is a cluster fuck of inefficient problems that don’t really represent my organized, efficient expectations that I put on myself for my life.  I am naturally veering away from these types of jobs and experiences as I feel my time is better spent doing other things like my own business in airbandb.  I’m working smarter, not harder for the same pay and to keep out of a bullshit process.  And not to mention there are no jobs for me in education anyway.

I suppose from quitting baseball and starting at the JC when I was 19 I just always assumed that I wanted to be a teacher, baseball coach, whatever.  I never questioned this up until about possibly from about a year ago on.  What else would I do?  I have no idea and hence why I’m going through this now a week before I turn 29.

What belief, opinion, or judgment could you be reinforcing by constantly creating this outcome.

That I want other things than what’s offered to me in education.  Education through public schools doesn’t really offer me the fulfillment and meaning that I thought it did.  It’s a very symbolic, surface satisfying profession as it sounds good but in reality it’s a crap shoot and stands for so much that I don’t believe in.  I would take a job for sure but they’re aren’t any and they’re super hard to find and they’re low paying.  Also, there is a reason that I become bored and agitated and not motivated while looking for public school jobs.  It’s because they really don’t represent me.  They represent a routine I was used to and an idea I once had and now I need something else.


How is this working for you?

Well great in terms of money and using my time most wisely.  Not great in terms of feeling fulfilled in doing a career.  I would like to have a day job and a career of some sort that I feel provides a bit more structure to what I’m doing and want to do.  However, I would say that all things happen for a reason and I’m motivated and have done things, and not done things, for a very specific reason that defines who I am and what I want to be.


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