Lyon Keating:

Ryan was 101 when he died.  He made it his goal to live past 100 as he wanted to live a century.  He was an extremely healthy individual and died from falling off a roof.

Ryan is survived by his two daughters who are 65 and 67, Caroline and Avery

Ryan always did exactly what he wanted to do.  He lived within his means and very practically and lived the experience of life by living in all sorts of different environments, enjoyed his warm beaches, and his life for CA and SF.  He was always out to have a good time and did meaningful work when the opportunities arose and they sparked his interest.  He was an tremendous father and lover to his wife and extremely gracious friend to those around him and his positive presence on the world was felt.  His life was happy because he was willing to take risks and live how he wanted to try living.  If it didn’t work out he went onto something else and found the meaning he wanted.  There was no specific purpose to life than going forth and learning what made you happy and trying to implement those things into your life.  Not too complicated.  You can’t rely on anything to make you happy but yourself and what you’d like to do was Ryan’s saying.  If you don’t save up for it and/or go in that direction than that is nobodies fault but your own.  Sometimes you don’t have the options but you always work subtly to achieve what you want and save up money.  Make the best with what you have.

Ryan was very giving through his life to his peers and kids but unfortunately he is not leaving any assets behind to his family.  He would have loved to but he always felt that a life is worth lived if you spend what you got and he never made a tremendous amount of money.  He did give graciously to people that needed help just how his grandparents and parents gave to him in the younger years of his life for him to accomplish what he wanted to.  He never forgot that.

Ryan wrote seven books in his life time each vastly representing what he was doing at the time of his life and what he was into.  He made money by not having real jobs and people often criticized him for that but he always said why would I work harder for less money?  He was an avid competitor and performed any sport (with the exception of soccer) with a grace and dignity that made you want to watch him.  Moving was how Ryan learned and was what he was good at.  He couldn’t sit still, let alone live in one place for more than a short amount of time unless there was a warm ocean near by.  He loved baseball and loved being around and traveling and having experiences with his family and friends.  It was always a much more fun time when Ryan was around as he was random as all hell, had an enormous amount of energy and cared about people as much as anyone could.  He wasn’t driven by the normal things that drive most people in life.  He was led by something completely different and loved to take a different approach and live smarter, not be bored, and always with twitching his leg and not sitting still.


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