Stressing for an end in sight

Lyon Keating:

Where does stress come from?  How is it manufactured in the body and why do most people have it in extremely negative quantities?  It’s something you can’t see, yet, it can put an insurmountable weight on our shoulders and be the root cause for the most unhealthiest thing in our lives.  How does one stop stress from occurring or at least only take in the good stress?  What kinds of approaches do people need to constantly implement to keep from having this invisible thing affect them in the worst way?  Unfortunately, people will many times more than not fall victim even though they fully know what’s happening.

Now, there are about a million reasons for stress and a million remedies for it but at times stress needs to be approached with a case by case scenario.  There are approaches that can work for multiple stressful problems but I want to dive into one specific aspect of stress that has a particular affect on me.  When I approach pursuits, problems, adventures, tasks, relationships, school, plans, whatever you name it, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety and stress for wanting to be at the end of my pursuit.  Often this yearning builds up so much that I will actually disengage from whatever I am doing because it just seems like too much.  I want to get to the end so badly that I just stop doing whatever I’m doing, thus assuring that I will really never get to the end.  Yeah, makes about as much sense as a box of hair but it’s what happens.  I usually end up trimming my priorities down to what I really have to do vs. what I want to do, and I can only focus on a few things to pursue.  In the end, I can really sell myself short by just being overwhelmed and not knowing how to deal with stress.

I don’t think the solution here is to try and get rid of my specific stress.  The solution needs to be focused on the fact that I will experience this stress and there is nothing I can do about it because I am a certain type of person who feels something in certain situations.  Sure I can do little things here and there to make it better but the end all be all is that when I do things I get overwhelmed and anxious and negatively stressed out.  I become obsessed with these feelings and I need a new approach.  The new approach needs to involve not becoming obsessed with getting things done.  Why am I in such a hurry?  Yeah I’d like to get to where I’m going and be ultra efficient and be super human by going to then a million other places and doing then a million other thing but that is simply not going to happen and ultimately if it did the cycle would never stop and I would always feel overwhelmed.  I have only one of me around and unfortunately I am not a person that can clone myself to get more accomplished…at least not yet…

How can I become more relaxed and re-direct this negative stress to something more positive?  I’ve been working on a few approaches lately and I believe I am on to something.  If the end result is all I’m interested in then maybe I shouldn’t be doing whatever I am doing.  The joy and the desire has to be in the act of doing whatever I am doing.  The path and getting there needs to be enjoyed more so than me getting there.  This is really important because it will give me the energy and strength I need to do all sorts of tasks.  I’ll get to the end but I might as well reap the benefits that are involved in the process of getting there.  The sense of accomplishment and positives to my life of actually completing my goals will come in time and if I don’t get there, so what, at least I didn’t spend more time gritting my teeth and being stressed out.  It’s a win win and I don’t understand why this approach hasn’t been applied earlier to my life.  What it has done for me, though, is that it has made me really think about what I am doing and how I’m spending my time.  There are a million things that I should do, might want to do, or am expected to do but if I don’t enjoy doing them then what am I really doing? (really I would be no better than a mountain dew, ‘do the dew’ commercial.  I mean I know that they are pretty cool but I’m going for a bit more here).

Creating and learning through doing will create you into what you want to be.  You’ll enjoy doing it, you’ll get more out of it, and you’ll be excited and have positive stress in your life associated with looking forward to doing many different tasks merely because you enjoy doing them and in the end you’ll accomplish more and avoid heart stress and live longer simply because of the positive approach.


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