New insights

Lyon Keating

  1. Go with my business, organizational, money management mindset.  It is successful!
  2. Need to teach, lead, organize.  I am a personable, happy, hard working person for things I deem meaningful….I like people
  3. Education is a great job if it is available but seem to want something different.  Go in a different direction (I want to) and let education figure itself out.
  4. What are these different jobs called and where can I find them?
  5. Flexibility is a must! (have to be able to have ability to be able to live in different places and move, have to be able to make money in different ways other than education, have to have the ability to work harder at some times making more money and bearing down and others where not so much and can enjoy myself and life)
  6. Learn to appreciate East coast for what it is and find ways around weather….or…in time move back to CA environment
  7. Love urban, ocean, stimulating environments, pub transport, people around
  8. Need to invest in another skill set like massage therapy and another form of income (one where I can have more direct control over my income and schedule)…can I see myself doing this?
  9. Day job would be extremely beneficial to my financial well being.
  10. Traditional style school out of the question.  Need direct motivation/goals/incentives for going back to school.  Needs hands on learning.  Is how I learn.

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