Keeping the day spontaneous

Lyon Keating:

Happy Valentines Day!  Such a lovey dubey holiday.  I was spontaneous today and bought my girlfriend Sam an edible arrangement gift.  Delivered to her work were chocolate covered strawberries and apples and all in front of other people; just how females like it.

When I was little I distinctly remember not having the internet, not having cell phones, and playing the day away.  My biggest concerns were what sport I was going to play and who would be home to play it with and how long my mom would make me sit on the couch after dinner before I could go outside again to appreciate the wonderful evening air.  I would go from door to door in my neighborhood seeing if Mike, Casey, Zach, Nathan, etc. were around for active fun.  This went on until high school and then I got a drivers license and the internet was invented and a little later I got a cell phone and everything dramatically changed.  There is no more seeing if people want to play.  There is texting somebody or facebooking them or chatting with them online or playing with other kids online to see who is around and who can play when.  Not a whole lot different I suppose but it’s just what defines the next age and it’s something I didn’t grow up with so I will therefore fill my role as an older person and talk shit on the younger ruffians and how things used to be better.

I took a little bit of my childhood with me.  Even though it really isn’t socially acceptable for an adult to go around to his neighbors asking if they can play, I still yearn for that type of social interaction.  The old stop by is rarely used anymore yet it is invaluable in how to approach life, and even though it is rare, I try to do it as much as I can.  It is so common to rely heavily these days on your smart phone or any type of social networking site.  Hell, people don’t even call each other anymore.  If you don’t jive naturally with people’s schedules or rely yourself on the modern ways of communicating then you are quickly out of the loop and socially isolated.  What happens when people schedule too much of their life?  What happens when they leave no time for things to happen to them or any amount of spontaneity to occur?

I love music.  I love music so much that right now I have 72 MB of music.  It is so much music that I can’t really even keep track of it.  I love listening to various artists but what I love more than anything else is listening to music on shuffle.  Even if it’s a single album I still get a rise on not knowing what song is coming next and that excites me and makes me enjoy music more.  This is sort of how my life is.  Believe me, I LOVE, scheduling things and I often do but there is a certain blissful feeling waking up on a certain day and not knowing what you are going to do or where it will take you.  It adds a certain level of excitement to make one feel that they are really living and reacting and being a partner to this thing here called life.  It makes me feel alive and well and healthy, however, it gets harder and harder to do this as one gets older.  There is simply no one to do it with and everyone has much more schedules to maintain and things to do.  This is appropriate and okay because that is just how life is but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t do it yourself.  What people might be on the same schedule as you and might be possibly open and not expecting a visit?  Maybe a lot.

This feeling has taken me over in many more ways than one in my life.  It is pretty impossible to go through your life as a child knocking on people’s doors and looking for spontaneous things to do, however, I have set myself up to be more flexible than most.  This yearning to be able to clear my schedule at almost any moment to possibly experience life has taken me over.  I have involved myself with so many professions that are flexible and cater to this feeling that I’ve given up trying to pretend that I can operate without this feeling.  With teaching I can’t get over being a substitute teacher and enjoying the decision to work or not work on a daily basis.  Hopefully I will someday but that full time job even has a lot of flexible perks in it.  I am training to be a massage therapist where I can set my own schedule and I rent out apartments and then re-rent them to people on the short term which allows me to set my hours basically as well.  Experiencing life and traveling around and seeing and doing things with people that you love or people that you just meet is a wonderful way to learn, experience life, and feel as if you are living a meaningful existence to the fullest.  I guess we all have different things that make us feel fulfilled.  Mine just happens to be being able to drop everything or adjust my scheduled responsibilities in a certain way so that I can feel and appreciate the most of my time here.


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16 02 2017

I love this. It makes me feel much more alive being spontaneous.

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