Truth to illusions or illusions to truth

Chakra Master:


Another good segment of your travels! Your discriptive phrases make me feel like I am there with you. I would have never guessed Britney would be sooo popular in India. She is enlightening to look at, maybe I should give her music a listen. It took me 10 years before I enjoyed Modonna. The music from Evita just did it for me.

Being totally open, without any pre-concieved Beliefs is not easy. You are correct is stating that we have a way of judging everything. I try to remember, it is just my point-of-view.

Your closing line, ” I can only hope reality will finally align itself with my dreams:)”, really hit home with me. Try it the other way, and see what happens. Hope that my dreams align with reality. What is reality? Do we bring truth to illusions or illusions to truth? I will wait patiently for your discription of Thailand.
Spread love and light.


Lyon Keating:

Hmmmm that’s a great question, one I’ve been thinking about on my travels here for some time.  Thanks for the mind candy.  Although I think at different times it’s a little of both in life I’ve always thought, and especially now since I’ve been exposed to so many cultures, that we bring our illusions to meet our truths.  Individually we may have a set truth that we as spiritual human beings need to achieve for ourselves and bring our illusions to meet those truths but as a whole I still feel that it’s the other way around.  Life seems to be but an illusion we create for ourselves and mold truths and morals out of them.  Just like when I am traveling.  I may become frustrated but I understand that many people I come in contact with are extremely poor and are trying to get a pretty penny from me whether it be from a taxi driver, a hotel owner, or someone just selling me something on the street.  The truth to them is that their poor and I have an excess amount of money because I am a tourist in their country, therefore, taking as much money from me is a truth that will improve their life and sort of even things out in the world.  Even though it is frustrating I can’t become angry with these people because I feel that if i was in their situation i would probably be doing the exact same thing.  My truth is traveling to see the world and finding enlightenment through that.  Both the truths for myself and the beggers are equally relevant to the world and will both improve our lives but they are drasticaly different.  I think the important thing is to not feel hatred or pity at those that form different truths than ours from their own illusions.  Yes, my truths stand opposite from the people I encounter in this situation but I can’t help but feel connected to them because we both are just trying to make it through this world the best way we can, and that is where the focus should lie.  Is someone doing the best they can to make it through this life given their situation?  Many people would think most people are not, however, they are judging others based on their own illusions and truths and that’s where it gets complicated.  Personally, I think that most people actually are and that is why I can respect the man who tries to make a pretty penny off me.


Chakra Master:

Your observations on the beggers are interesting. Some of the beggers may seem to resent you or think you are rich. Regardless of what they percieve, your money is well spent as they can use it. Sometimes I “resent or place blame” on others that is not justified. Example: Someone steals from me. I resent it. How do I know that what was taken, was not put to good use? Sort of a Butterfly Effect, so to speak. Since I don’t know the outcome from the beginning, I just choose to be happy. Easy to say, harder to practice.


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