The true believer

Bill Edelen:

We seem to be living in a world of chaos, including our nation’s capitol where
the U.S. government is about to be shut down by the feuding political parties.
What is the SOURCE of this chaos? THE TRUE BELIEVER is behind it all and
promoting it due to the constipated mentality that lives in his head.

The mentality of the ‘true believer’ is exactly the same, whether Muslim,
Christian, assorted versions of fundamentalism or any other religious beliefs…
or fanatical political, racial or nationalistic dogmas. They are all alike and
beyond rationality. Any attempt at calm and intelligent conversation will fail.
That crackpot mentality does not want conversation but wants only to hear you
say how wrong you are and how correct he is. He is a fanatic, needing a Stalin
(or Jesus) to worship and die for.

I have had multiple experiences of this fact with Christian “born again”
fundamentalists. They have told me they do not want to hear anything or read
anything that is going to upset, or challenge, their locked in “belief”
…no matter how factual. They have never realized how much unbelief is
necessary to make belief possible. They do not have or want any understanding of
their “belief”… they only need to believe.


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