The big picture

Buzz Lightyear:

To wrap things up, I want to address some things that people wrote me regarding my other email. A friend expressed something that I think alot of people think but have never told me. And I love the fact that she said it, as she is rarely afraid of saying what´s on her mind. She told me that she felt that she was living her dream, but it wasn´t as sexy as mine. A funny way of putting it, but it really gets to the heart of it. I feel bad sometimes writing my emails because I think that some people might feel that way. Might feel invalidated in their lives. They see someone else living a romantic life and they beat themselves up for not doing it. Well, people will do what they will do, but as my friend Johnathan says, you have to live your truth. That, of course, is very difficult because you have to know what that is for you. Who you are. What you want. These are some of the most difficult questions that people can ask, and likewise, the most important. Many people live their whole life without asking them and certainly without answering them. So, if you have found out what is right for you, what it is you want, and you are doing it. You are MY hero. I have found heroes is the strangest places, in all walks of life, but they share commonalities. They are mostly imperfect, they enjoy and appreciate life, they know what they want and they are doing it. These kind of people are not as focused on the small trivial things, they see the bigger picture. And they sit back at the end of the day, and soak in the pleasure of being alive. Of getting a chance to live this life.

So, what happens if that is not you?  Or maybe partly you? Will you beat yourself up? Will you hate yourself? Will the vicious cycle of self depreciation hinder. Will you feel jealousy? Or maybe, you can think of excuses? Another friend wrote me something that was extremely interesting. She said that there are a thousand reasons why people do not or can not. All around the world. They are poor. Their father died, and they had to work early. They are disabled. Depression or maybe a physical handicap. And these excuses that are all perfectly valid and deserve our sympathy become our armor. That is what she said. And it is true. One of the reasons why I truly love the United States is because we do not (as a people) make excuses for why we can not. Out country´s heroes overcome odds. Start from rags and end in riches. They are the Lance Armstrongs, they are the Bill Gates, they are the Barak Obamas. And, as a people, we tend not to make excuses for why we can not when there are tons of examples of why we CAN  all around us. So, with that I will bid you all hasta luego (adios is rude here, I guess). My love to you all who have made it this far in the email. I am very happy here and I wish you all happiness wherever you may be.


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