Resentful expectations

Chakra Master:

Life lessons from my perspective:

1) My first thought is always wrong

2) High expectations of others are really premeditated resentments

3) I forget to laugh way too much

4) There is always a different way to look at things

The belief that my gain has to come at anothers loss, is a attitude that seems to have over taken the thought system of mankind. Even in thoughts of love (I desire from you something I think I lack in myself).

People lack the understanding that no one has to lose. It is only greed, (the belief that I do not have enough), the fear that if I don’t take I will not have. Our governments are filled with this belief because they are run by people. What I have, will bring me peace and happiness. Who cares if it is at the expense of someone else? My ego tells me I am more important than you.

Beethoven wrote a letter to his friend, Stephen von Bruening after he had an argument with him.

“Let there be forever be undone what temporarily came between us”. Who cares what the argument was about, he wanted it forgiven. That was the only way to peace.


Lyon Keating:

I like what you had to say in your last email.  I thought I would ask for clarification pertaining to what you wrote as number 2: High expectations of others are really premeditated resentments.  I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it and I think just need an example to get what that really means.  Thanks…


Chakra Master:

High expectations are really the opposite of acceptance. Kind of a Buddhist thing. Letting the past or future control our present thinking process.

When what I expect to happen does not occur, I am setting myself up for resentment if I don’t choose to look at the situation differently. Sometimes, reviewing past events that were negative can bring on the same thought process. These situations can bring on emotional pain (wrong thinking) as Buddha would say. Christ would have called for mercy or forgiveness.

Resentments are the thought process of continually blaming others for my condition. People, events, and things that have caused me to think negative, thus taking away my peace of mind.

Many people take out their frustration, anger and hate on others in this state of mind. We don’t realize this causes us more harm. This is a way of emptying our emotional “bucket” to relieve some of the stress, at least for a little while. Unless I treat the problem (thinking), soon the “bucket” refills. One definition of insanity is “continuing to do the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result”.

I believe that “addicts” are people who are more sensitive to this insanity and are really trying to kill emotional pain.

I am sure you can think of your own examples of this wrongful thinking. Hopefully, you CHOSE AGAIN, to see things differently.

There is an old tradition where a group of close friends get together for a good meal and a few drinks. In the course of the evening, each friend reveals to the others their wrongful thinking process. The others laugh and cry to help in the healing process. Traditionally, this is called the IDIOTS DINNER.  Obviously, these people need to be very trusting and care about the others very much.

Love and Light


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