The Lazy Magician:

Oh Captain my sea soaring Captain!!!

It took me awhile but I did enjoy the novella ala Asia…Now that its completely useless and you’re probably well over the hump I can ironically offer you some meditation suggestions, but I’m sure its nothing you haven’t already heard from the dhali lama…just focus on the breath…see how far you can feel it travel…all the way down to the pit of your stomach, the home of your willpower, back up to your chest, home of your heart…and up through your throat to your nose and mouth.  Focus on the rhythm…the rhythm of breathing is the constant accompaniment to life.  As thoughts arise, as you feel that itch, as you face that desire…acknowledge the thought and set it aside knowing what it means to you, but allowing yourself one by one, to let go…giving yourself permission  to explore deeper parts of you than thoughts will allow. It helps me to be around water, to hear it running…something constant in the background for all the other noises to blend over and fall into…and if you’re lucky at one point, all the sounds of wherever you are, hectic or calm chaotic or quiet will establish a rhythm you can hear, become a song…an ode to that moment, and you will see that we are all adding our voices or our silence to these little songs…these decisions every second are creating evil songs, and righteous songs, beautiful songs, and selfish songs…hopeful songs and hopeless songs…and every song of every moment is absolutely perfect in its duality…a pure representation of the forces of our world.  I wanna leave you with a thought to consider (in regards to India)…an excerpt from the Tom Robbins novel “Another Roadside Attraction” of my favorite books ever.

Here goes:
“The cow became a sacred symbol to the Hindu because it gave milk and chops and hides. It nourished the babies and kept the old folks warm. Because it provided so many good-life supporting things, it was regarded as an embodiment of the Universal Mother, hence holy. Then it ocurred to some monk or other, some abstract scholarly kook, as you would say, that gee, folks, since the cow is holy we maybe shouldn’t be eating it and robbing its udder. So now the Hindu has got sacred cows up to here but no more milk and steaks. They starve in plain view of holy herds so big only Hopalong Cassidy could stop them if they took a notion to stampede. The spiritual man’s beef against beef is the result of a classic distortion. It’s another case of lost origins and inverted values.”



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