Leviticus and homophobics

Bill Edelen:

This series is on biblical superstitions and the damage they have done to the
lives of the people who believe them.

Don’t you just love the homophobics, the bigots, and clowns of the Christian
Coalition and the fundamentalists? “The bible is God’s word” they yell at
us…”the bible is true… every word… and by God himself… and we live by
that book… we live by it… and what it says… we do. And it says right there
in Leviticus 18:22 that you shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an

Now, if we live by that archaic, ignorant and superstitious book, just look who
else is going to hell. Ah, what fun. Practically all the political leaders in
Washington, that’s who. “And God said you shall not marry a woman divorced from
her husband” (21:7). How I love that bible. There went Reagan…
Dole…Gingrich…Buchanan and all those other big shot Republicans and
Democrats who have broken God’s law and married divorced women.


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