July 4th in Dubai


For the past year, I have been living under a relatively benevalent dictatorship in Dubai.  Benevalent, but there were still no rights of any kind, just what the Shiek wished to grant.  The government has no accountability to the people.  Newspapers and the internet are heavily censored.  The sermons in the mosques must be approved by the government and, while other religions are tolerated, the requirements of the official state religion are crammed down people’s throats.  People are jailed for “moral offenses” and there is no such thing as bail, even for minor accusations.  Dubai, for all its apparent freedom, is really a repressive police state.

Last week, I was in Cambodia and visited the Killing Fields and prisons.  In four years during the seventies, the government murdered 1,700,000 of its own people.  Offenses included speaking French and wearing eyeglasses.

I hope you all have a nice Fourth of July.  But before you get off-line and go to the barbeque, it might be a good time to Google the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

I will be home to California on July 6th in order to celebrate Kalev’s first birthday.  And there are also so many other things to celebrate about being home in America.  Happy Independence Day.



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