Denial of Death, motivational anxiety

Lyon Keating:

I’m having an extremely slow day here, which will actually be an extremely slow month, but at least I’m working even if it’s just giving kids assignments…blah……blah………Will I ever find some meaningful, active outlet in this here world of education?

So I’m doing some reading and came across this passage that I’d like to share with you:

“As long as man is an ambiguous creature he can never banish anxiety, what he can do instead is to use anxiety as an eternal spring for growth into new dimensions of thought and trust.  Faith poses a new life task, the adventure in openness to a mult-dimensional reality.”

Since we are naturally ambiguous creatures (me being more ambiguous than maybe most) then we will never be content on one form of reality.  Other forms of reality will constantly present themselves and this will cause anxiety simply because not knowing the answer or the way usually causes anxiety.  The answer of life will never fully be known even if we get comfortable or secure in whatever we are doing.  This anxiety, which is most often looked upon as a bad thing doesn’t have to be.  My old master teacher, from years ago when I was learning to be a teacher, once told me that feeling nervous just means that you’re on your toes and are really trying at something.  Obviously this can be taken to the extreme, especially if you can never relax and are always are on your toes or never content in your own space and time, and yes this is bad, but what happens when this anxiety is used for positive purposes.  Try and answer and find meaning in your questions and anxiety and let it motivate you to find whatever you need to find.  Let it be the coal within the train engine causing chemical reactions and thrusting you forward or backwards or side to side or diagonal to figure out a life path, an adventure, a feeling.  People are not lucky when their stress or anxiety handicaps them.  They are lucky when stress and anxiety give them purpose and meaning to move in a direction, then they can rely on faith (I know, I’m talking about faith) in their pursuits that everything will turn out fine in a reality that they never really envisioned, which ultimately is really the fun of it all.


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