A new Binda


dear  ryan  hi how r u iam fine .yes about my wife we got son and now still they r in hospital and it has been 12 days may be it will take time to be get evrything better and as u know i have job and i canot get so many holyday so in day i do duty and at night i have to go to hospital.unfouranutly to my wife to get baby we had to make opration hope fully it will get better soon.i was also so much glad to hear ur voice in telephone but i am soryy telephone line was distrubed so may be next time we can hear better.dear ryan yes please as my english is not mother tounge so please try to write in very somle way  and whatever u want to say please u can tell me direct that would be good.

yes it is imazing that we r so much far and it is totaly two diffirent world but as u know the world is getting so much small because of scince and we r so good friends and i fell so lucky and happy to meet u which i canot express by words.dear friend because of ur help my baby and wifes health is ok as u know in nepal the hospital is so expensive espisally for those person who have low income.by ur help i have colleceted money and i used this money for my wifes opretion and now they r ok so i have no single words to say thank for this also.

so dear friend how r u?how is ur life?hope everything is good.please say many many hi to ur parent and all ur friends.finally i wish u all the best and have good health and i lookforward to hear from u.



It sounds like you have saved the life of both his wife and his baby.  That must feel unbelievably . . . rewarding is really too weak of a word, but you know what I mean.  As you know, in that part of the world, life for poor people is pretty tenuous.  But let me know when things are clear and they are out of the hospital.  I would like to send something.


Lyon Keating:

Yeah the feeling has overtook me a couple of times.  He has called me a few times in the last couple of weeks and tried to also express this thanks but just can’t seem to find the words and then he usually ends up saying how happy he is and I have no idea.  The conversations were hard to understand because he is hard to understand anyway and on the phone with a delay and us always trying to talk at the same time it was very hard to know what was going on in the conversation other than the most basic things.  However, I get the idea.  It was just so weird to verbally hear from him.  As I was sitting in my apartment in san francisco talking to Binda in Nepal I couldn’t help but just sit on my couch for a good amount of time after I spoke to him.  How different we both live.  I’m sure he can’t even imagine how I live.  I wonder what he would do if he came and visited.  It must be literally an out of this world experience for people like Binda to visit a thriving city in the U.S.  I haven’t heard any new news but I’ll let you know when I do.  Hopefully, everything turned out fine for them.



Have you seen the movie El Norte.  The first part of the movie takes place in Guatemala and Mexico.  Then, they cross the border (illegally) and look out over San Diego.  It is SO out of their wildest imaginings.  The Indians (from India) have a word for the people who are fresh in America.  I can’t remember it, but it has to do with them staring with their mouths open all the time.  No, Binda can’t even IMAGINE life here, no matter how many movies and television shows he has watched — just as Americans cannot imagine the reality of India, even after watching a thousand Slumdog movies!!!


Lyon Keating:

Binda and his wife and son are doing well.  He still writes me every few days or so and can’t stop thanking me, as I would probably do too if I were him.  He asked me to name his son and I said if he picked five names I would tell him the one I liked best and if he wanted to pick that one then great.  I picked rosan as I didn’t want to give him any other silly American name that might make him be an outcast, although who knows, rosan could also be that name.  I guess I don’t know much about Nepali names.  Thought you would like to know.



That is REALLY an honour!!!!!!!   Like being asked to be a godfather in our culture, the person that you would trust your child with if something happened to you.  Names are important here, as you will discover if you ever have a kid; but they are even more important in Asia.  To allow you that privelege is really quite an honour.  And an earned one.  What you are doing for him is incredible.  In our world, we would say that he was in the right place at the right time.  Fate.  In his world, you HAD to have been sent by the gods.  You have changed his life forever, made things possible that he could never have dreamed of.  Even if you find that you cannot continue doing this, the change has been made.  You have made the world a better place for having raised one man, one family, one new child out of poverty.  The starfish story.


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