Are we all just really pagans? The Jesus myth?

Bill Edelen: Easter Mythology

The image of a god buried in a tomb, being withdrawn and said to live again, is
thousands of years older than the Jesus Easter mythology. Of all the resurrected
savior gods that were worshiped before and at the beginning of the Christian
myth, none contributed so much to the mythology developing around Jesus as the
Egyptian Osiris.

Osiris was called “Lord of Lords,” “King of Kings” and “the good shepherd.” He
was called the god who made “men and women to be born again.” He was called “the
resurrection and the life.” He was the “god man” who suffered, died, rose again
and lived eternally in heaven. They thought that by believing in Osiris they
would share eternal life with him. Egyptian scripture reads as follows: “As
truly as Osiris lives so truly shall his followers live also.”

The coming of Osiris was announced by Three Wise Men. His flesh was eaten in the
form of communion cakes of wheat. Only through Osiris could one obtain eternal
life, they believed. The much loved 23rd Psalm of the bible is a modified
version of an Egyptian text appealing to Osiris, “the good shepherd,” to lead
the dead “to green pastures and still waters,” “to restore the soul” to the body
and to give protection “in the valley of the shadow of death.”


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