The era of touching people

Lyon Keating:

Lyon Keating is studying to be a massage therapist.  Ten years ago if someone were to ask what he would be doing in ten years time, massage therapy would not have been a likable guess.  As in the lives of most people, the maze ventured to get where one eventually ends up is always a unique and interesting story.

Before 2001 Lyon’s childhood was characterized by crazily running around with little boy energy and playing every sport he could get his hands on with his many neighborhood friends.  Specifically, he played wuffle ball (baseball bat with plastic bat and ball) in the streets in his neighborhood.  It was a fun, carefree, active childhood and he couldn’t have asked for anything better.

In 2001 having graduated from Rancho Cotate High School in Rohnert Park, California, Lyon received a baseball scholarship from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  He had always wanted to be a professional baseball player.  However, the rigorous demands of being a college athlete and not being prepared for college at nineteen got the best of him and he had to withdraw from the university after some time.  He didn’t have the mentality to dedicate his life to a single mundane physical activity and wanted to go to school and ponder and think and learn more interesting things.

2003 was a very defining year for Lyon.  He enrolled in Santa Rosa Junior College and did a study abroad program at the University of London in England.  Traveling and growing a wonderful manly beard and seeing different cultures and being exposed to new ways of living sparked an immense interest to the young man.

He moved to San Francisco in 2004 and lived there off and on until 2011 having lived in many different parts of the city in various living situations and sometimes renting out people’s closets (even sleeping on a massage table for a period of time once; the official start of my massage career!) and ended up in the beautiful mission district where he still hangs onto his dream one bedroom apartment overlooking downtown San Francisco.  In this time, Ryan also graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in history (U.S., European, and Islamic) and a teaching credential in the social sciences.

Lyon spent five years being a teacher, home school teacher, and counselor to young adults in the San Francisco and South San Francisco school districts teaching a range of subjects that included U.S. history, world history, economics, government, Spanish, psychology, health, critical thinking, writing, among many other things.

His traveling continued as well during this time having traveled to China to teach English in 2006 and in 2007 traveling to Guatemala to learn Spanish.  In 2009 he left again to Australia and still has dreams of Aussie beaches and mammoth sized snakes while bush hiking.  In these years he was able to write two books as well which Ryan considers one of his life’s major achievements.

In 2010 having started an online business that allowed him to be mobile he moved to Philadelphia to see if there were better educational opportunities and be with his wonderful girlfriend.  Right now he is sporadically teaching in Philadelphia and New Jersey but teaching opportunities are very hard to come by with the bad economy.  He came across massage therapy and the profession seemed very natural to him.  It combines his kinesthetic and spiritual abilities and he is very excited to see where it will lead him along with all the other unplanned adventures that still await Ryan’s life


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