Pros and Cons of life employment

Lyon Keating:


Pros                                                                                   Cons


H-pool cashier

–fun ppl to work with                                                      –boring

–convenience of schedule, allowed for baseball        –first job ever, Carol was annoying

–easy                                                                                   –not mentally stimulating


Baseball scholarship

–got to play game I loved, dream come true         –no life, no friends, no social outlets

–felt cool                                                                       –too boring, same thing everyday

–outside                                                                –not mentally stimulating, most people were

idiot jocks

–not meaningful, fulfilling


Ladybug camp counselor

–easy job                                                                       –not pay well

–convenient for going to school                               –little kids are annoying, too draining

–outside                                                                         –don’t want a career with little kids

–fun people to work with, connected with kids

–like to teach

Landscaper/Manual labor

–outside, helping family                                                 –physical straining, young man’s job

–not good pay unless with family

–felt connected with nature



–set more or less my own hours                                   –boring, not consistent

–connect with kids                                                          –not pay well

–like to teach


Baseball Coach

–fun                                                                              –not pay well

–connect with kids, like to teach

–good at it


Valet Car Parker

–fun, stressful, make lots of money                                     –hours were late at night

–risk factor, dealt with hookers                                          –dealt with hookers



Sperm Donor

–easy, made lots of money, jackoff;)


Medical Marijuana Delivery Driver

–fun, met lots of cool people, paid well                  –against the law, possible consequences

–risk factor, was cool, got to smoke often              –on other people’s time

–felt like was part of a movement


Home school teacher

–super connected with kids one on one           –had to deal with kids with super problems

–meaningful, was doing a good thing               –pay not good

–counselor and life coach                                    –got emotionally connected to family


China English Teacher                                                                                          

–fun to travel                                                                  –exhausting

–like to teach                                                                  –didn’t pay

–meaningful                                                                   –didn’t like teaching English


Substitute Teacher 

–easy, just show up from day to day                                  –not stimulating, mind numbing

–somewhat connection with people                                   –feel that I want more constantly

–schedule is great, can work whenever


Spanish, Chemistry, Physics teacher

–teaching is fun                                                       –don’t know the subjects, can’t teach good

–frustrating cause can’t connect fully with kids       –not stimulating, want to be teaching

other things


History, Govt, Social Science teacher

–fun, worthwhile, connect with kids                –can’t get hired anywhere, hard to find jobs

–pay good enough

–feel meaningful and fulfilled



–love to write, feel alive when doing it                   –doesn’t pay

–love conveying a message                                       –is a hobby and don’t want to hate it by

doing it all the time



–easy money                                                                  –sort of annoying being a hotel

–fun to be organized and have it pay off                  –let strangers into home


What do I really want to do?  I like teaching and would take a teaching job in a second but they are really hard to find.  I’m tired of putting in schooling and work and effort and just sitting around and not getting any job opportunities.  I like having my efforts paid off.  I like things like airbandb that rely on organization and communicating for being successful.  I like being organized and communicating.  I like being outside but don’t have to be.

I don’t like sitting in one spot all day.  I like to think deeply and ponder thoughts and emotions and feelings but I am not academic.  I hate being in school.  I hate working under corrupt, unjustified authority.  I have to feel a meaningful connection to whatever I am doing or else I can’t do it.  I like to think in terms of the long run and not to rely on my physical ability/altheltic prowless for jobs because I think that will only lead me in a whole for when I get older.

I hate being bored.  It is comparable to the living dead for me.  I have ADD.  Maybe even HADD and can’t stick to one spot, place, idea for very long.  This leads to a need for goals as I have to feel like I’m working towards something or else I won’t do it.

I have high standards.  Why should I settle for a lover, job, place of living, if I don’t like it?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to always strive to find what you’re looking for and when you find it you’ll know?  I can’t lose that confidence that someday I’ll land something I really like.  I’m being forced to make decisions right now that will lead me most drastically to where I need to go.  I don’t know where I’ll go but the traditional path is not for me.  Traditional education is not for me.  I need to get my education and accomplish my goals by doing, trial and error, and trying to navigate the maze of life by doing as much as I can and seeing what works and what doesn’t.  I’m a doer and kinesthetic learner and that’s how I learn.


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