Lyon Keating:

LA was awesome!!  Jackie’s parents house is great, it’s an eclair remember, and it was mid 70s and we just hung around in their pool and hot tub all day and ate food.  Relaxing time.  Nissan made it too, although I went out to my car the other night and my window was halfway down with all my stuff in it!  Luckily nothing was taken but now the power windows on my driver side door doesn’t work.  It keeps falling down and it rolls down but doesn’t roll up unless you muscle it into submission which I’ve done to a point now that it does stay up but I can’t roll it down.  I’m heading up to SR in two weekends so I’ll see if Grandpa can do anything with it.

I don’t know about Jeff’s machine.  The only thing I know is that I downloaded a program called Ipod copy.  It might be one word and that’s the program that you can take things off Ipods and put them onto your itunes in super quick fast time.  If you want the same thing for your computer just search ipod copy for mac.

My place is awesome.  It’s exactly what I need.  I borrowed some of grandpa’s mats, laid down my big sleeping bag and have a few blankets and I really don’t notice I’m sleeping on the hardwood floor.  I was worried but last night I was very comfortable so I think it will work without a bed, plus it’s better because I can move the mats if I really want to, to create more room.  I’m going to go to Ikea or see if Grandpa can construct anything that is like the littlest desk or merely a table top that I can plop in the corner of my room.  It would be nice to have somewhere to put my computer and sit and do internet and stuff.  We’ll see.  There is a big table in the living room of my place that dude doesn’t use that much so I’ll just use that in the meantime, but it’s the whole “close the door” scenario that I’m trying to create.  But it really was a good decision on my part to live somewhere with no friends and with someone I can just say hi to and then walk past.  Asia really allowed me to explore a very individualistic part of my life that I want to keep somewhat and value more than I have in the past.  The guy I’m living with is an architect and 44 (although looks and acts 34 except for some of the comments he makes), and is very low key.  I think it will work out for at least 4 to 6 months.

The Riva is wonderful.  There was just a whole bunch of cheap scooters online this time around and figured what’s the difference if I get a bike or scooter.  I use it pretty much for the same thing.  Although the big difference is that scooters are WAY cheaper to maintain than bikes.  Tires, brakes, overall maintance.  It’s GREAT!  I would highly recomend one.  Do you know if there is a cc requirement to drive on the freeway?  I can go 50 to 60 but am not sure if I can legally drive on the freeway.


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