The educated mind

Lyon Keating:

What makes someone educated?  A million reasons make someone educated but as I’ve recently gone back to grad school and been someone who has not necessarily liked school all throughout my life I feel that I’ve experienced something new about being educated.

Sure, the traditional forms of education are easy for someone who likes to spend time in a classroom but what about the person that doesn’t?  Are we just suppose to write them off and assume that they’re stupid and can’t succeed?  These people need to dig a bit deeper in order to have the discipline to go through a more traditional form of education.  They have to surround something they dislike with something they like.  How will taking a history class benefit you?  Will it lead to greater heights and achievements in the future?  Do you like how you’re learning about people?  Do you like writing?  Do you like reading?  Do you like the people that are in the class with you?  Do you like the teacher?  The posters on the wall?…whatever!

How will it benefit you in the long run?  Maybe the short run?  Education should be taken with a grain of salt and not done unless the student can see where this will get them.  It’s okay to be selfish in regards to your life in other ways like with jobs you like, lovers you love, friends you make, foods you eat.  Why would it be any different with education?  Why not instill more choice in the matter?  We all walk through life everyday and are expected to make a million individual decisions that will affect us on a daily basis and a more long term one.  Is the educated mind no different than the logical, rational, practical one that we use everyday to get through mundane to complex situations and should we really treat educational pursuits different than how we treat anything else?

Simply overcoming the dread of what life has set for you through the desires and wishes of other people is more than half the battle.  Don’t let the teacher define what you will get out of the experience.  Be the dictator of your own thoughts and desires and act as an individual in regards to convincing yourself how this will benefit you and the reality of all the reasons of why it won’t.


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