Muslim vs christian

Mother Hubbard:

Have you ever heard of the book Because They Hate by  Brigitte Gabriel.  She is a Lebanese American citizen (Middle Eastern journalist) who witnessed first hand the terrorism of Muslim radicals in her home country of Lebanon during the 70’s when she was a young girl.  Her country was predominantly Catholic, very tolerant, very Western, and very multicultural with open borders.  The Muslims moved in during the time the Palestinians had nowhere to go when they were booted out of Jordan, and Lebanon welcomed them and said they could stay for awhile…..thousands arrived and stayed and changed the “citizenry of the area.”.  Unfortunately, the Muslims turned on the Catholics and Western ways and started changing the laws and country’s constitution to be purely Islamic centered. There was a lot of killing and massacring of Catholic civilians over the next 10 years.  She eventually learned English which was her weapon out of the country……she was very bright and motivated! She swore she would never bow to the Islamic ways and be treated like scum—the way most Muslim women are treated.

She is trying to warn the US about how infiltrated our country is with cells of terrorism everywhere there is a Muslim community.  She saw the takeover of power in her own country of Lebanon and is seeing the same tactics used by the Muslims here now.  She is in her 40’s and can speak four languages, I think.

Anyway……my friend sent it to me to read and it is SO scary…if what Brigitte Gabriel says is true, we are “toast” within the next decade.  It really bothered me to think that Americans are so naive about the Middle Eastern culture that we could never think that these people could hate us that much and want to do us that much harm just because of the hateful words (and forceful beliefs) in the Koran about infidels.

Anyway, I am curious if you have read it or have been exposed to it or have heard about this woman?  She is a little strong in her writings, but she has seen a lot and feels it is time to speak the truth, I guess.  I cannot understand how she hasn’t been killed yet!!!!!!  She says she is speaking on behalf of her parents who had everything taken away from them by the Muslims in Lebanon…her dad’s flourishing business, his pride, their home, their ability to worship openly, etc. She also said there are NO loving and peaceful Muslims and to not believe it for one second!  All Muslims have to follow the Koran and the Koran says to hate all infidels. She likens their rise in the world to Hitler when everyone stood by and did nothing to stop him…or didn’t know how to stop him so he kept going.

I know you took some middle eastern classes—–what were they like?….Did professors talk about this kind of stuff?


Lyon Keating:

Wow, that sounds like a heavy book.  Yeah, I had to read certain books that pertained to the same subject matter in my middle eastern classes and learning about this clash between Western and Eastern cultures inspired me to write my senior seminar research paper on the subject.

Historically I found out that Muslims have been much more tolerant when in power and acting towards western/christian minorities in their culture than vice versa.  Mostly, Islam allowed other faiths to practice within their middle eastern countries at the cost of paying a Jazziya, I think that’s it, which was a tax.  If westerners paid this tax, which I think went to the Islamic govt, then they could practice whatever religion they liked and receive almost pure equality under Islamic law.  Very few recorded historical events saw the Muslims raiding their minority Christian populations.

When Muslims lived in the Christian dominant societies they were continually purged and raped because of their beliefs.  It wasn’t hard for me to find documented primary sources on situations such as these.  Western societies couldn’t handle Muslim minorities and Jewish minority communities living in their communities and it often led to government policies which included limiting where Muslims and Jews could go or what jobs they could posses.  On many occasions, it even led to massive killings and/or physical removal of the Muslim and Jewish minorities to other countries.

Now, that was a long time ago but I think when you read books such as the one you just read that claim that there are no good Muslims and they are just out to destroy Western culture the author is ignoring why many groups of Muslims might have been brought to have some of the extreme beliefs that they have.  Right now in the world, Western culture is the oppressor and Eastern culture/Muslim is the oppressed much like it has been for a lot of history, especially the last 1000 yrs or so.  Our imperialistic motives within the middle east have caused countries like Israel to be created within an already established group of people, Palestinians, that were kicked out of this area.  The U.S. and to a minor extent Britain, but before 1945 solely Britain, funds the military and weapons that Israel uses on terrorists attacks on the Palestinian population, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and other countries in the middle east.  Not only that, but western countries have been directly involved in sponsoring coups to assassinate leaders, distribute media to spread lies to the populations about corrupt leaders, and overall cause upheaval and support dictators that will act favorably to our economic policies and sell us cheap oil all at the expense of the population.

The author that wrote the book you recommended is very justified in claiming that Islam can be a very radical and violent religion that has no room for infidels.  It sounds like she had horrible experiences that will cause her to remove any tolerant attitudes she had for the Islamic faith.  However, I believe what the author is failing to realize is that is it far easier to look at Muslim culture as the aggressor in these situations rather than Western actions.  As Western citizens, we hear about the atrocities being committed in the name of Islam and we freak out.  We freak out because in our mindset it is not kosher anymore to fight for religious reasons and if a culture does that they seem to be bowing down to inferior motives of the past.  We find that scary and we also find dirty men firing rockets and blowing themselves up in the name of Islam scary and something we can’t relate to.  In our culture, we have soldiers that do this similar dirty work which isn’t reported to the media as much and so when we see it done for our cause in another country it causes a response to believe that Islam is pure evil even though we are fighting using the same warlike tactics just organized and supported by our government instead of a organized religion.

The middle east is also going through a tumultuous time in their nation development.  If you look at other parts of the world and histories of what happened during nation building eras you will find extremely violent, horrendous acts of violence done.  During the American Civil War about 2% of U.S. population was killed and not to mention that a huge portion of the population was still kept in chains.  During the 30 years war of Europe in the middle of the 17th century, 50 million people died!  Nation building is an extremely violent time for most regions of the world when they go through it.  Rarely does it happen peacefully.  Actually, western cultures have proved to be massively more violent and efficient at killing more of a percentage of the population than it’s modern day middle eastern counterparts.  Violence is horrible and can’t be compared from era to era.  Extreme violence committed against others is unimaginable and unfortunate and depressing and scary any way you look at it.  However, for what it’s worth, just note that the violence you see committed by Muslim nation building communities today pales in comparison to the violence and amount dead when western nations went through similar happenings.

Overall, in my middle eastern classes and in my own research since I’ve been out of those classes I’ve come to the conclusion that the violent response that our western culture is experiencing is a direct result of our actions to take over their countries and communities in the name of capitalism and democracy.  We don’t spread the old word of the western God anymore we spread the new word of a free market which translates to economically and militarily taking over countries.  In our mindset it’s okay because it’s not like we’re over there impressing our religion on them and controlling their mindset and way of life.  No, the U.S. is just spreading democratic values which is what these countries need to function and participate in the world, but no we’re not forcing them to do anything now are we.  We’re so much more advanced in our secular mindset and our separation of church and state, or is it that we’re just worshiping different gods now that aren’t put into a religious category?

Many people in the middle east view the U.S. and it’s hegemonic world policies as evil in it’s most pure form.  A country that has unlimited funds has convinced it’s population to support it’s cause to economically offer other countries to accept democracy which translates to our military and culture destroying their traditions and communities.  We’ve brought so much destruction, suffering, and displacement of peoples onto these Islamic, middle eastern countries that they are firm in resulting to jihad.  And most people don’t know this but jihad refers to a defensive war against an oppressive power.  These countries have had leaders assassinated, countries created by foreign powers in their lands, leaders instilled that allowed all of the countries natural resources profits to go to the U.S. while the country and people are destitute, among many other things.  The U.S. military fights one thousand times more aggressively and vehemently than any terrorist organization or Muslim group anywhere in the world.  We are causing cultures to declare all out war towards us.  The Taliban and Osama Bin Laden were funded and put into power by the U.S.  Along with this, many other aggressive Muslim communities are partly a reaction to our unwavering, imperialistic, narrow minded violent policies that we have brought down upon the world.  Even though we’ve read about the crusades in history books they are still dramatically being imposed by Western societies but just with different motives and justifications.


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