Managing students

Lyon Keating:

  • Approaches classroom management with a caring approach towards students yet is stern, solid, and confident in his approach
  • Huge emphasis on learning the skills of organization.  Students compile notebooks/binders that are used for tests, writing essays, journals, discussions, etc.  I lead by example by being organized myself.  Students can see at any time what they’re grade is either through me or through the completion of their own assignments in their notebooks
  • Makes an effort to contact parents when issues arise with students via email or by phone
  • Works well with other teachers and staff on issues related to school, curriculum, and student performance.  Very task focused.
  • Has an aggressive approach to learning how to write.  Essay and outline writing, and learning how to compile information from notes is a big part of the class.
  • A huge portion of grades for students is on active participation.  Students are encouraged and forced to take an invested interest in their own education
  • Differentiates instruction.  Different type of lessons include lecture, readings, group projects, discussions, storyboards, art projects, film watching, presentations, research.  Is excited to bring to the classroom technology of projectors, class viewing internet use, ELMOs (way better than projectors) and other up to date effective teaching devices
  • Develops a routine of studying current events
  • Pushes students to analyze, observe, and think critically about the world around them.  How does it relate to their lives, how will it change in the future, how did you gain your perspective on life and how will that change?
  • And importantly has a love for teaching, exudes positive energy, and enjoys helping out students and people that are around him, and thoroughly enjoys coming to his classroom everyday.

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