Calmness and a system

Lyon Keating:

I had a teacher by the name of Mr. Lauder the other day tell me that the class I took over from another teacher who was out for a few weeks was so much more calm than what it was with the other teacher.  Having a sense of calm in your classroom and throughout your life is key to keeping your head clear and realizing what you’re doing.  No one yearns to go into a stressful situation and then try to figure out their day.  Being calm and letting your kids know they are coming into a relaxed environment where decisions and work can be completed without stress and anxiety handicapping them and making them freak out is a great thing.

The best people and role models in your life are usually ones who keep their cool.  Keeping your cool doesn’t mean not being passionate or intense towards what you believe in, it means having a plan in your mind and going forth making good thought out decisions and acting in accordance with what you feel is right vs. thinking in reactionary terms and not knowing what you want to live for or how you feel.

One of the worst teachers I’ve had said something I’ll always remember.  “Work smarter, not harder” and despite her being a joke of a teacher she did have a point.  Teaching is a very stressful profession.  You have to look out for, grade, keep tabs on and keep one step ahead of 150 students, a faculty of teachers, and other professional obligations.  The most taxing thing on a teacher is preparing and keeping organized those 150 students.  When it’s hard enough to even learn their names, how do you stay on top of the hundreds of hours that looks out for every student?  A reality of the matter is that it is impossible to stay on top of it if you are to treat every student as if you are their personal tutor.  You will become stressed and anxiety filled because simply the job is too much for one person to handle.  What is needed then oh oracle of mine, what is needed?

A nice system that keeps things efficient for you is what is ideal.  Your system should base you at the center of it, in regards to how you will be able to function and be a good teacher and person.  If you teach and don’t give people patience, attention, kindness, organization, then you will get eaten up and you aren’t helping anyone out.  A good part of grades should be based on how well students follow what you have laid out for them to do.  When students expect to have make up work or to be able to fix anything they turn in then that can leave an enormously, overwhelming amount of work that is completely unnecessary for you to do.  Be clear in your expectations, be clear in what is going to be accepted and what is not, and be clear in your system.  They will adjust and it puts some personal responsibility on the student to adjust to what you feel is best for them and their grade.  Classrooms without systems are like bathrooms without toilets.  They only lead to disgusting scenarios and confusion as to what to do.


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