Hometown patriotic passion

Johannesburg Corridor: (in response to the Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers playoff series of 2010)

Would you rather cheer for

 A) A coach that thinks of himself as better than everyone else in the room, secludes himself in a private inner bubble of placid grandiosity, and mocks the media and understandably, the parade of plasticity around him in Los Angeles? Does family mean anything to Phil?
B) A coach that guides and mentors and inspires his players through an emphasis on family and follow through and allows his family to work through their problems in order to build something greater.  A coach that puts family first, the men he guides as well as the traditional family whom he has to leave for months at a time in order to lead the professional family?  A coach that leaves the writers applauding after the last game, because he has treated the media with respect and humanity, and helps everyone involved keep conscious of the weight of family on professional life.
 Would you rather cheer for:
A) A team full of players who consistently have the team goal in mind and who at times lose so much of their individuality, that they have trouble taking control of the game the way they used to, when their teammates always looked to them for comfort?
 B) A team full of talent and individually majestic skills, who only occasionally needs to
think about what being a team means?  A team who glided through the season without much difficulty, and then found themselves in a 7-game first-round series, much like the
2007-2008 Boston Celtics did, only to win easily at home in that 7th game.  Oh the comforts of home.
Would you rather cheer for:
A) A team that wears down its opponents with effort, strategy, intelligence, and determination
B) A team that beats opponents with pure ability, and occasionally, a pinch of effort.
Would you rather cheer for:
A) A point guard whose creativity and unique ability makes jaws drop.
B) A point guard whose clutch shooting and leadership is unquestioned, who
drops elbows on jaws.
Would you rather cheer for:
A) The team with the best chance of winning
B) The team that nobody expected to make it
Would you rather cheer for:
A) The love of sport
B) The love of celebrity
Would you rather cheer for:
A) The team of stars who lean on each other every step of the way, and who
answer most questions with a sense of responsibility.
B) The team led by one self-centered superstar obsessed with winning
more rings than the former teammate who left him.  The man who sometimes
trusts his teammates and coach, and who always trusts only himself, and who
consistently condescends and mocks the people asking the questions.
Would you rather cheer for:
A) The expected and predictable.
B) The unexpected and unpredictable.
The season is done.
The wrong team won.
And now they can all go home to their families, or lack thereof.
And I can move on with my summer.

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