Response to Nadal, Djokovic and ice cream sandwich intensity

Lyon Keating:

I think the moral of all this is that there might be a stat someday that could give some credit to second place finishes.  How many times does a player go five sets and lose?  Ha, probably not.  But really, even though you don’t get the glory you got to feel good about going toe to toe for five hours in final after final.  At certain points it is just a flip of the coin basically for what happens for who wins.  I know when I’ve reached that point as an athlete in a game or a match or whatever, sure I want to win, but after I am still content that I sort of basically did.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t go professional.

When you truly love sports and competition and love what you do, as some professional athletes do, then you just get up the next day and do it again and love it.  I think Nadal is one of these guys.


Jonah Hall:

I think you’re right, Lyon.  Nadal is definitely one of those guys.  Did you see that insane match?


Lyon Keating:

Here’s the deal.  I watched up to that point all live and really enjoyed watching many of the other matches.  I got up excited on Sunday to watch hopefully five hours of Tennis and sit around.  Queen Amidala got up with me and told me she said she saw the result but wouldn’t tell me.  I got worried anyway, and lo and beyhold at about the third set she said, “god, it’s funny that he won again.”  She didn’t even try to play it off and say she was talking about the game or point or something and just realized she made a mistake.  That Amidala needs to be a quick thinker at how to lie to me better next time:)  Anyway, I was hugely dissapointed and had to cool down for like a minute.  After realizing I was being an old man about it I sort of laughed at it.  It’s so hard to watch recorded sports!!!!!

However, I didn’t know it was going to be the epic match that it had been and at times when Nadal broke ahead I was wondering if Sam did in fact lie to me.  Haha, so in the end it didn’t really matter.  How could you not be entertained by that match?


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