A’s vs giants

Tabby Tabbs:

A’s fans let me ask you something… how does finally feel to play at home in front of more then 14 people in the stands, nice huh.  Well dont get use to it, cause we leave today so enjoy todays game cause its going to go back to the lineup knowing the fans on a first name basis and if you ever wanted a foul ball go to an oakland game because there are tons of them … I see more vacant seats to look for balls, it’s like the worlds largest easter egg hunt durring a ball game!  In fact i think thats why the 14 fans you guys have at games come in the first place.


ASB President:

Well why would the fans come? The team is essentialy a minor league team for the majors, nobody stays and the team is different every year. I like to refer to them as the one year wonders….they are going to leave oakland. And for good reason.


Lyon Keating:

Oh giants fans. I love how you always judge a team based on their stadium instead of the way they play baseball. If the A’s are in fact a minor league team then I suppose that makes the Giants a high school squad at best. Looking at the history of both teams in the bay area we can conclude that the Giants have won zero world series’s to the A’s 4, 3 pennants to the A’s 6, and 9 playoff appearances to the A’s 15, and dare I say that the Giants lost to the A’s in one of those world series appearances…Nah, I won’t go that low. In the recent era 2009, 2003, and 2000 are the only years the Giants have had a better record than the A’s and in 2003 and 2000 the A’s finished first in their divisions. Plus the A’s have the better overall record against the Giants. Isn’t being a minor league team suppose to mean that you’re not as good as a major league team? Maybe Giants fans have become confused at what better means and how it is proven. Blind faith can be a dangerous thing, just ask little boys in the Catholic Church.

As for the stadium and fan base, yeah, Oakland sucks. I’ve been hearing for as long as I can remember that the A’s were going to move but they haven’t and stupid Oakland won’t build them a new stadium. And thanks Giants fans for leaving Oakland. It gets way too crowded when these shitty teams with good fan bases come over and keep me from paying $10 and able to sit wherever I want to watch good baseball; and who doesn’t like getting foul balls and Easter Egg hunts? You guys keep on going to Giants games and enjoying the great view and the Coke bottle out in left field, where most of the fans still wonder why Barry Bonds isn’t in the lineup today, and cheer on your always below average performing team while I continue to get drunk at amazing tailgate parties in the parking lot and be incredibly relaxed and sit wherever I want and watch better baseball.



Fun Giants and A’s facts:

The A’s mascot comes actually from the days when the Giants were in New York. Manager John Macgraw called the A’s a white elephant, which refers to an object that is more expensive to maintain than it is worth. The A’s took it with pride and adopted the dis as mascot. So if it weren’t for the Giants you wouldn’t have a mascot. A mascot that disses its own team, no less.

TOP 5 Teams all-time If you go by wins, it’s:

Giants 10,184
Cubs 9,985
Dodgers 9,876
Cardinals 9,843
Braves 9,696

If you go by percentage, then it changes:

Yankees .567
Giants .539
Dodgers .524
Cardinals .517
Red Sox .516

And by titles:

Yankees 26
Cardinals 10
A’s 9
Red Sox 7, Dodgers 6
Reds, Pirates and Giants 5

In 2 out of 3 categories, the Giants are in the top 5, the A’s not. Yes, the A’s have won more titles, which I will admit is pretty big bragging rights, but in terms of the teams’ histories the Giants have more wins and a higher winning percentage. Also, the Giants have appeared in 17 World Series as opposed to the A’s 14, so the Giants have been better more often.

The A’s have won 15 pennants, the Giants 21

The Giants have 27 HR champions to the A’s 21

The Giants have 17 Strikeout champions (most recently in 2008, 2009) to the

A’s 13 (last one in 1931)

The Giants have 25 ERA champions to the A’s 12

The Giants have 7 batting champions to the A’s 6 (none in Oakland)

The Giants have 12 MVPs to the A’s 7

In summary: the Giants have more wins, better pitching, better hittin, and, overall, play BETTER MORE INTERESTING BASEBALL than the Oakland Pathetics. Suck on that.


Irish Magee

I was on my way to class this morning and I stopped into starbucks to get a shot of life. I was wearing my Giants hoodie when the barista shot me a smart ass comment and a scowl. “Giants Fans aren’t Welcome”. For the first time in my life I felt like I was Rosa Parks. I just gazed back at her with a “Shit Eating Grin” on my face, handed over my two bucks and was on my way.

I get this sentiment often, not only from Dodger fans, but Angel fans as well. So living in southern california has made me actually root for the Athletics. I still can’t forget however, how Oakland fans bashed Barry Bonds during the fallout of the Balco Scandal as if their players were choir boys. Giambi was no different and to this day we still don’t know exactly how old Miguel Tejeda really is.

Keating, I love you. Your an Intellect, an athlete and I am sure a great teacher. You live in “The City” and fit in as a San Franciscan, but the fact that you bash the Giants and praise the A’s is a disgrace. I’m not saying don’t be an A’s fan, but don’t bash the city you loves team. It makes you sound like a out of work comedian, no credibility.

Oberon- You forgot to mention that the Giants have more Hall of Fame players and Coaches than any other franchise. These stats are great but without San Francisco having a World Series Title, those stats don’t mean shit.

I would like to get together with you all for a game. Get wasted and maybe try to get Aaron Rowand Sign my belly.


Jonah Hall:

To the Giants fans: You have a nice stadium with overpriced seats. A nice rotation and an awful lineup. A manager who has his head up his ass and a GM whose head has been living in his ass for a few decades. Still…I’ll make you my “NL” team because of Tim Lincecum, Pablo Sandoval and Jon Miller’s voice. With attendance as solid as it has been, there’s nothing to excuse hitting Freddy Sanchez, Bengie Molina and Aubrey Huff in the heart of the order. One solid power hitter…will they ever find one?

To the A’s fans: You have a crappy stadium with cheap seats, but you have a bridge to get over in order to get to the crappy stadium. And that bridge is full of cars and is a huge pain in the ass. You have a solid crop of young pitchers and a solid crop of mediocre but patient hitters. You will continue to play .500 baseball, which is pretty great considering you’re in the AL, have a small payroll, and don’t draw any fans except on special occasions. Billy Beane, you are the smart man with an impossible dream…to take a pile of garbage and turn it into a pile of gold.

To my Red Sox: Now that you’re payroll is over $150 million, you’re officially part of the MLB country club. If you don’t get to a World Series, your year is a mild failure. Everything Theo Epstein does gets heavily criticized at first. Winning less than 95 games is completely unacceptable. Your ticket prices are insane, but since you sell out every game, I suppose that’s fair. Just not fair to most of the common folk around Beantown. At least I get to see my Red Sox in Oakland and San Francisco this year, even though I’ll be surrounded by many loud and mildly retarded A’s fans or quiet and smug Giants fans. Hey…it’s better than having to go back to Boston and pay $100 to sit in the bleachers.


Lyon Keating:

Irish Magee, if only every Giants fan was like you and went through feeling EXACTLY like Rosa Parks. I feel for ya and am glad you’ve turned to the A’s to find solace. Angels fans are shit and most things LA are pretty scumbag anyway. I don’t really feel anything for the Dodgers except the fact that they yell out the worst obscenities I’ve ever heard at baseball games (I’m gonna rape your children and murder your wife sort of things) and I suppose I should hate them too but I’m just too entertained listening to them. I’ll hate them for you though buddy. Glad we can connect through hate:)…and I’m a Barry Bonds supporter all the way. I wanted him to come to the A’s when he was done with the Giants. A’s fans (and all fans) are stupid in that way, but nothing like how stupid Giants fans are. Giants fans firmly believe they have a winning tradition and have their noses in the air about it. Somehow having a good stadium makes them feel good and entitled to something. Cubs fans know they suck and are nice about it and can’t wait to get good again. If only Giants fans were humbled, well maybe when they get to where the cubs are at and everyone has stadiums like them will know they truly do suck.

Haha out of work comedian. Arn’t we all out of work comedians? I have become warmer to the Giants as I’ve gotten older but I get so damn frustrated with their inability to win and make freaking stupid moves over and over. They had the best hitter in history and couldn’t do anything really worth noting. If the A’s played stupid and managed their team stupid, there would always be a special place in my ballsack for them but I would not be an avid supporter of them. They have no money, produced great players, have a winning history and are managed smartly. What’s not to like? Oh yeah, they’re in Oakland. Well I judge my teams in my ability to see them and how great they play. Even with San Francisco being so close they’re shit to watch. In the end, if the Giants were good and made smart moves I’d have no choice but to like them because I love above anything else good baseball, but ultimately since that doesn’t seem likely to happen, I only want the Giants to do good if the A’s are doing good so that the A’s can BEAT THEM AGAIN in the World Series.

And Oberon do I really need to dive into what’s completely bullshit about your argument as if it isn’t blaring everybody in the face? Way to base your whole argument about the Giants being good on when they were the New York Giants? All those titles you mentioned and wins didn’t come when they were in San Francisco. The name “Giants” is the only thing that binds those teams. I think a tsunami of cock has clouded over your mind and somehow made you believe that the San Francisco Giants were winners of something. Ever since they’ve moved to San Francisco total, complete looserdom has come into their lives and they’ve won nothing. The Giants are like the somewhat retarded, drug addicted, gender confused little half brother to the Chicago Cubs where somehow loosing has become an unintended family tradition that they take pride in because that’s just what happens, and they forgot that the goal of the game is to win.

Jonah, what happened to the Red Sox that we all used to love? The ones that didn’t sell out and resembled anything but the NY Yankees? Now they are mirror images of each other. How does that make most Boston fans feel, or is it just what you got to do with the Yankees being in the same division? Although look at the Rays? Here’s to mildly retarded A’s fans and smug cunt Giants fans.


Irish Magee:

The Giants rank third with the longest drought without a world series title behind the Cubs and the Indians.

I disagree about Bonds being the best hitter of all time. He had a career .298 batting average. That’s a significant difference from Ty Cobbs .366 average. I won’t even get into the factors of Steroids and the “Live Ball”.

The Giants have been plagued with poor trades as well as terrible signings for a boat load of money. Barry Zito, Armando Benitez, Aaron Rowand, Dave Roberts ETC.

Brian Sabean has been a cancer to this team and he has driven it into the ground, kind of like how I drove my 86 Bronco into the ground. The trade for Feddy Sanchez and Ryan Garko last season where mediocre compared to the Piersyznky trade where the Giants gave up Bonser, Liriano and Nathan.

I don’t know how he still has a job but I am convinced with him at the helm of th franchise, they will not win a title. Its time for new blood.

To be honest- Oakland doesn’t deserve The Athletics. They have been seeking a new stadium and they do deserve it. The Raiders ruined that field. Many players walked or got traded because of the cap room. The cap room would explode if they got a new stadium and the only way that would happen is if they move to San Jose.


Pritchardo Panitto:

I’m tired of listening to all this “my team’s better” whining. Why doesn’t someone put their money where their mouth is. I’ve got $50 that says the Giants finish the season with a better record than the A’s. Ryan, you interested?

Current standings:
A’s 25-23 .521 winning percentage Giants 24-22 .522 winning percentage
I’d say that’s a pretty even place to start.


Lyon Keating:

My oldest friend calling me out and demanding I bet with him about the Giants and A’s for this season.  I guess if I was a Giants fan and didn’t have any winning history to back me up I’d make a short term bet too.  You gotta start somewhere eh?

Mr. Pritchardo Panito I am down!  You and I bet and Herbert Spencer and Oberon will have the same bet since I see you more than Tom sees you.  Everyone down I presume?  Tom, let’s go out and shit on AT&T park when we win our $100.  Who knows Giants fans might like it since they’re used to liking shit inside their great park.

Irish Magee!  I know Ty Cobb was a freaking phenomenal hitter but that was in a time few pitchers threw 90 mph and sliders, screw balls, split finger fast balls, and even curve balls were hardly in use.  Pitchers threw an amazing amount of pitches and stayed in no matter what.  Relief pitching didn’t exist, lifting weights didn’t exist.  We live in an era of specialization where athletes are bread at a young age to lift weights, eat special diets, take nutritional supplements, and exercise and get paid millions of dollars to do it.  It’s about as cut throat/survival of the fittest environment that you can get and no athlete from the past is anything in comparison to the dominant athlete in the modern day.  Bonds won the MVP (mostly for his hitting) a record setting 7 times and finished second like 3 other times as well and owns a bagillion amount of other offensive records including intentional and unintentional walks.  Do you realize what his numbers would be if he had even half those at bats?  They didn’t used to walk hitters back in the day anywhere near as much.  In an era of athletic excellence and perfection where every position and especially pitchers are more dominant and specialized to get hitters out at all costs, Bonds has to stand alone as the best hitter of all time.

And yeah Oakland is fucking stupid for not building the A’s a new stadium.  They need to go elsewhere if they want to actually build dynasties, or maybe their city leaders will have a change of heart.  I don’t see how the city doesn’t see it as anything but good, but Oakland is corrupt and stupid.


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