Response to how the internet is changing

Lyon Keating:

I finally got around to watching this and it was completely mind blowing.  It was only a matter of time before the internet, which has always been an unquestionable symbol for complete freedom, became controlled.  Just look at the last 100 to 200 years and see the history involved in how the radio, tv, newspapers, books and other forms of media (the bible) became casually controlled over time by a small number of companies/groups who filter their content heavily to either what is not controversial, the interests of their demographics, advertising, their own power agenda, etc.

I was listening to a NPR interview the other day and it was being discussed that within the next ten years the internet will be tested to see if it truly is an unique form of communication that can’t be controlled or if it will go the same way as other forms of media have in the past.  Usually once something is introduced, like tv and radio, it goes through an utter revolution of freedom of expression for about thirty years and then it’s reamed in to be controlled by huge corporations/bodies or whatever (just look at NBC, ABC, CBS, etc).  He even went as far to say that internet search engines like bing, yahoo, google, will continually take over political control of states.  States will either be known as yahoo supported, or google supported, or microsoft supported rather than democrat, republican, etc.  The content from search engines that each state or group of people will have access to will depend on the filtered content that the people from that state are interested in and what the search engine deems that these people will be interested in.  To put it another way; yahoo, google, bing all cater their search engines to different things.  I might have the details mixed up for which engine I’m talking about, but google has a more un-regulated search engine that throws back at you more random things wheras bing and yahoo are a bit more specific.  Our lives and beliefs can dramatically change if we get information from things that spit back what we believe in vs. what we might not.  If these search engines continue to become more specific then the political/religous/cultural values of a region will define what search engine and what content would be chosen for that area and will continue to grow in power and will more heavily represent the morals and beliefs of people per region.

It’s a little complicated to understand but I find this to be sooooo interesting.  How will the internet be looked upon in ten to twenty years and beyond.  Will it be limited in scope just like every other form of media that has come before it or will it truly define an unique phenomena that can’t be controlled?  Will we define freedom of the internet to mean freedom within things we agree with and find non controversial or true freedom that will expose us to the inner workings of the internet and our subconscious no matter what that is?  I think you know where I stand on this one.  Freedom of information research and exchange is a biggie for me and keeps us real and our minds open.


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