Response to a step closer to reading the mind

Lyon Keating:

Do you think people 80 years ago would have envisioned the internet, text messaging, iphones, etc. Is this what I’ll be exposed to when I’m on my death bed? Not to mention the positives and possible mind control negatives associated with this.


Hop on Pop:

As I sat in bed looking at this itouch, I am really awed by this device. I can’t help looking back 50 years and remembering the archaic things I thought were so cool. Even go back to my days in the submarine. With this new stuff, I would have had a totally different type of experience than what it was. Sometimes I feel closer to the civil war times than the current age. This was evident the other day when I went into the attic and got out all Mom’s and our first letters to each other. I was wondering if I still had the first letter she sent me and visa versa. found them. But the point is that they were hand written with stamps and dates of mailing and dates of writing. There is not that kind of experience to be had in today’s time…Letters back than were kind of like light from distant stars. The actual vision of the star seen by us is the star so many years ago. Well letters were the same way.  It was information that was current maybe 5 to 30 days ago. With sometimes no chance to get in touch with the present…Can imagine what grandpa feels like….


Lyon Keating:

That’s a really good description of what a letter used to be like.  Although I would say that it is similar for me even with email or text messaging.  When I was in Asia there was a reason everyday I would wake up and look forward to the time I was going to spend in the internet cafe.  It was like I felt at home on my computer emailing just like I always do until I stepped back outside again.

Given our society now, everything is centered around fast paced technology to be in touch with anyone at anytime.  The extreme positives lie in situations like being connected to Binda in Nepal and being able to stay in touch while away, but for in your everyday life it can add an overwhelming stress.  Our generation with growing up with the internet in our teens defined this and really it is the accepted norm now for no matter what generation you’re from.  Turning off your cell phone is not really an option as people, especially girlfriends, get pissed and think you’re ignoring them and on and on.  Individual freedom seems to becoming less and less and constant stimulation from these communication devices is going up and up.  It’s to the point where I’ve just accepted people texting, interneting, and sometimes calling others (although that is still a little more taboo) almost pretty much constantly (and me acting in a similar manner) while hanging out personally with people.  I have reason to feel this isn’t a good thing, but it’s just what everyone does and maybe it’s not and it’s just the next thing.  Life changes and people do different things and remembering what we used to do is always seen in a more romantic light.  The whole thing is leading somewhere, though, just not sure what affects its going to fully have in people and our culture as time passes as it seems to make us even more of a generation that can never turn off than previous ones.

Yeah, I can’t even imagine how Grandpa feels.  He talks about it sometimes and I think he’s adjusted well with age as I think he’s realized that you have to keep your mind exercised and up to date with how to contact people or else you’ll kick the bucket and/or feel extremely lonely in the modern, fast paced world.


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