Hipsters; cool despite the smell

Lyon Keating:

This was a good piece to read.  I like how they labeled hipsters as anyone who is clever and intellectual.  However, I would still say that hipsters are overwhelmingly people who wear super tight jeans, have a different look or a way about them just to have a different way about them, and are primarily dirty/smelly (thus being a little like a hippy), are primarily wealthy/supported by their parents (maybe that’s what makes them clever) and also burn a lot of money on booze and cocaine.  However, even though I cringe at a lot of what hipsters are they are also primarily responsible for urban cities being renewed and a certain level of desired, safe gentrification.  I’ll give them their due credit because ultimately I do have some hipster friends and do live in urban areas where hipsters are, more or less reigning supreme and I like to smoke pot and drink at bars which is what they’re into, but if you mention sports to a hipster…oh man, not cool!  Haha I’ve tried to convert a few hipsters to sports and been somewhat successful but it’s quite an undertaking.  In Philly it’s a little different because everyone likes the Phillies so everyone has at least one thing in common.  Sort of cool.

I like the paragraph about the suspicion of ambition.  How people are afraid to sell out, stand for something artistic, really be out there with anything.  It’s as if teenagers are overrunning the Earth and lasting longer past 18.  Well what else would you expect?  As people are living longer and retiring later and it’s growing harder and harder for people to find jobs and become financially independent why wouldn’t adolescence last until 28 instead of 18?  Most fans of the music industry, or maybe those willing to shell out the most cash, are people probably between the ages of 13-30.  Wouldn’t these people have to market and act like the people who think they can relate to their music?  Funnier also that most of the population is being exposed to a dumbed down version of education that the U.S. has vs. other modern industrial countries.  Anyone who has any sense has questioned that at what point is this going to majorly impact our country?  Well, maybe the whole thing is a result of poor education.  People don’t stand for things because they aren’t educated well and aren’t taught to ever really think or stand for much and just be sort of blah, whoa is me, I’m a wet noodle but at least I dress cool.

Totally agree with the bad economy, no opportunity, as a result we lose potential stars.  Don’t really agree with the negative vibe of the 7th paragraph.  God hates us all?  Well you can’t blame people for not being educated when they are crammed in a classroom with 40 other students.  People are idiots and they will like more idiot things if they aren’t educated.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I like my share of idiot things but c’mon there is a lot of stupid shit out there and kudos for the stars to make their buck.  People are buying their stupid shit and are you really going to blame the artist?

In paragraph 9 people with money are playing their conservative cards to go with the percentages with funding successful bands.  If your sole aim is to make money why would you produce anything other than the formula that works every time?  Thirteen year old girls will always buy thirteen year old girl things and idiots will always be idiots.  Who would really stick their neck out and do something like was done to REM back in the day?  The point seems a bit obvious.  The market is too controlled by a select group of money grubbing producers and people are too dumb to buy anything other than the shit that’s fed to them.  I mean I don’t blame them really, it’s hard to educate yourself when the public has let your education slide.  How else is one suppose to know what else is out there?  For all that anybody knows, all the stupid shit that they see is the best thing the world has to offer which totally works to the advantage of people who are producing and marketing and making the big bucks.


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