Response to Nutrition and Toxins

Hop on Pop:

good article and I think there is a lot of truth to all that is said However, I do have an example that would cast some doubt on all that was said in the aricle. No it isn’t another article but actually resides in our own family. Grandma and grandpa. They have eaten all the wrong things consistently and somehow made it to a very ripe old age. so….


Lyon Keating:

Yeah I see what you’re saying and Grandma and Grandpa always utter the same thing as well and I do think it’s a good point.   However, there are some things to consider about there particular example.

They came about in an age when although they might have not been eating the most healthiest things by today’s standards in regards to cheap foods and fats and disentary, they did come about in an age of dramatically less toxins, artificially placed hormones, artificial sweeteners and other cheap shit that is SO much more bad for you.  Foods through the years have literally changed their chemical composition in generations since G and G.  Things like Salmonellae (have no idea how to spell that…the egg thing) literally didn’t exist way back in the day but now it’s heavily prevalent and has evolved to be more deadly and affect us more in the modern age.  This type of thing is common in meats as well given all the shit they put in them.  Really, everything new and modern that’s put in everything is crazy bad for you and eats away at stomach and gut linens and is just awful (why would anyone eat those things knowing such information but we all do it).  Sarah Tabacco who is a Phd chemist has taken the time to explain to me how this works and how the chemical composition of foods and food diseases and viruses and such have changed and adapted over the decades to be more harmful to us.  Very interesting and something I’ve never even thought about before.

And another point about G and G’s generation is that they came from an depression era where you only ate what you could put on your plate.  This dramatically reduces your portions and portion control is like one of the most important things in regards to eating.  You could eat almost anything as long as you watch your calorie intake and be much healthier than somebody who eats in total excess.  They still dramatically do this today in their old age as they seem to eat practically nothing when I see them, however, it is very balanced as they don’t exert much energy and this small amount creates what they need, not what they can possibly shove in their mouths like how most other people eat and especially kids as their parents don’t watch over what they consume and end up eating absolute sugar loaded food and drink.

And I think the biggest point in all of this is the simplest one.  If you knew someone who smoked massive amounts of cigarettes you wouldn’t say that smoking them is any type of point that stands for living to a ripe old age.  If you knew someone who didn’t get an education but turned into a very powerful CEO you wouldn’t profess that not getting an education is somehow better or equivalent than not getting one.  Grandma and Grandpa are a good example of people who have good genes, pretty good eating habits, and who have also gotten pretty lucky.  If you knew about such toxins that are put into food there is no way you would ignore the possible and likely problems that could arise from eating such foods.


Hop on Pop:

yes… there are a lot of angles to approach this topic and since there is a ton of cash behind it’s all you can get.  Genes, portions and awareness are the most important aspects of all this. You don’t have to have a PHD to realize what’s wrong. Just walk into any supermarket or gas station to see that things are way out of control in regards to food and portions. What would happen if everyone just consumed(ate) their actual need. This country would have a big economic crisis.

As far as G & G goes they are a product of genes. Just look at the few illnesses they have suffered through during their lives. All vital organs functioning almost regardless of what they have eaten. An crazy example of this was once I went to see Grandpa at is firehouse. They had just come back from a bad fire wit lots of smoke and running into smokey buildings. remember this was the era when there was no air pacs . you just ran into the smoke. Anyway, they came back to their firehouse and all the firemen lite up once they got back. Sat down and had a smoke !!!!!! Crazy…


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