Response to eye of Mordor


If it is any consolation (which it might not be), the amount of information generated on the internet is SO vast, that even information that the government might find useful gets lost in the flood.  They can, of course, zero in on a particular person, but they (and anyone else with good computer skills) have been able to do that for awhile.


Lyon Keating:

So I guess the real answer is to create false identities for yourself and stay under the radar.  Stay off the more obvious governments paper/electronic trail;)…Really, not a bad idea.



Actually, the answer, if you choose to accept it, is to get off the grid, off the internet, off the money system, and out of society.  The reality is that privacy no longer really exists.  If it’s not the government or credit agencies or Facebook, then it is criminals hacking into various systems.  It is the price we pay for the conveniences we want.  If we don’t want our stuff hanging out there in cyberspace, then we just don’t have to hang anything out in cyberspace.


Lyon Keating:

But I mean is that a realistic option?  Go live in Madegascar somewhere in order to be free from the government?  Although, I suppose your son is doing a good job at being off the radar, although, carrying an ipad and being on facebook and email as he is might make him on the radar I suppose.  So since I’m not going to live in a cave in the Himayalas or something playing confusion on the grid is my only form of power.  Like you mentioned before in another email, the manpower that would have to go into checking everybody’s accounts on the grid is just impossible.  Bad luck and randomness could get you caught but the odds are definitely in the people’s favor.



No, it is not a reasonable option . . . which is the point.  Cyberspace is a very public place, which is its great convenience.  But the expectation of privacy in such a public place is minimal.  We all feel a bit uncomfortable with that, but the nature of great change always makes people uncomfortable.


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