Resist: The U.S. Feminist Equality Movement of 2017

24 02 2017

Summarized piece is below of Annie Windholz’s writing which can be found at  I highly recommend following her wonderful blog.


I want to exist with the challenges, and I want the ideal of living fearless to be my top priority, instead of trying to live quietly so that nothing changes dramatically.  I miss the girl that invited in chaos and change, convinced herself she loved it, and freed herself of her fears.  It is easy to cling to the life that you have found vs the one that you want which demands you to expand.


It’s here, everyone. This moment in US history that I have been dreaming about since I was a kid just learning about feminism. We are pulling together a national front of solidarity between the genders, and incorporating all the intersectional issues into the action. This is the third wave of intersectional feminism!


I don’t care about the words, we can ditch the words “feminism” and “intersectionality” and come up with new words to use if that suits everyone better. Regardless of word choice, I’m celebrating here the fact that papers are daily talking about the Women’s March on Washington, and attempts at unifying a gender together.  The papers are speaking about liberal women who have hope that now is the time for all the movements to come together in intersectional peace and love.


“The Women’s March, even in its striking success, offered more in the way of catharsis than clarity. Its full statement of principle runs more than 1,000 words and includes issues ranging from reproductive rights to gender justice, from the minimum wage to immigration reform, from clean water to criminal profiling to arming police with military-grade weaponry. It’s hard to distill a complicated platform into concrete change when your organizing principle- “intersectional feminism,” a jargony mouthful- opposes elevating any one person’s goals over another’s.”


How can you make it something if it’s trying to be everything?


The thing is, being an ally to certain groups isn’t assuming everyone in that group is the same, it’s about learning and listening to the people within the group. Thus, women’s issues don’t have to mean one thing, they need to mean listening to women in general, and recognizing that we need to raise their voices up, along with their concerns. Just the same, all Muslims don’t have to think the same. We learn that they are all different, but want to be respected for their identity as Muslim, as well as all their other identities within society. Intersectionality is not about doing everything for everyone, it’s about learning when to stand up and when to step back.


What does ally ship really mean? A Mosque visit; the willingness to learn.


Women are the only marginalized group that are never truly alone with themselves. They live and partner with their “oppressors.” And thoughtful “female” communities are hard to find when it’s not concerning beauty or shopping.


Kindness is an asset. Just like everything else, it can be abused and used. But the genuine ability to be kind and to feel other’s hearts and want to make them shine is an asset. And I want to raise up people who are trying to do that. And I want to shove away all the hate in the world, coming from the right and left. I want to exist with a working desire to change myself along with the world, but I do not want to degrade myself into an unhappy person for the sake of something I cannot change alone.





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