Fighting Despair with Defiance, Embracing Radicalism, and Living in a Post Fact Age

8 02 2017

Are you pissed off at the amount of assholes we’re seeing in our everyday lives, in our government, running for president, becoming president!, etc.?  Do you want to do more than just vote, take an online petition, or march in peaceful protests?  Do you want to do more than just have Facebook discussions and be polite and be an armchair philosopher?  How about being more than a boring ass liberal or someone who believes in appeasing and compromising with hate mongers?  How about being a progressive, love warrior and not taking shit anymore and growing a pair of ovaries or balls?  Be radical!  Stand up for what you believe in!  Bring to the world your positive energy and what you are good at!  Make your lifestyle and what you do in your day to day into a radical activist cause bringing about more positivity in the world.  Influence those that are around you day in and day out.  Turn being pissed into applying your natural skills everyday to bring about the change you want to see in the world.


Don’t rely on public opinion to bring about social change.  Rational arguments and education are not going to bring about public change as we continue to get steam rolled by those that don’t spend time on such things.  Those two things are nice, steady, and wonderful, but they continually won’t bring about short term change, and if short term change keeps getting in the way of long term change we will never get to the long term!  Rather, the opposition, and anyone prescribing to a radical agenda for their cause and beliefs, rely on organized political resistance and direct action.  These things will continue to win the day and not allow for rational argument and education to ever take hold.


Don’t take the liberal stance of changing hearts and minds one person at a time.  People being educated or concerned or aware of an injustice doesn’t by itself do jack shit most of the time.  These things do nothing and will continue to give us people like Trump who do not prescribe to such things.  Awareness needs to be translated into political resistance movements that have very strategic actions.


Frederick Douglass was quoted as saying that “power concedes nothing without a demand.”  Public opinion being against Trump is not a demand and we can’t rely on such weak/toothless forms of demand.  Trump and Co. only react to demands from actions that make their plans unviable and unpractical.  Trumps team and corrupt authority will only reconsider when they are given no other option.  That’s how cut throat assholes work.  They need to be strong armed with some form of powerful demand that they can’t ignore.


Facts don’t mean anything anymore because anyone can find any alternative facts on the internet that speaks to their opinion of how they see the world.  Trump realizes that facts don’t matter and only your ability to manipulate does.  Now in power, Trump doesn’t have to convince anyone anymore of how what he wants to do is right; he simply just does it.  He acts, he appoints, he repeals, he lies, he signs.  He acts first and leaves the media and liberals and whoever else bickering in his shadow finding evidence and facts that what he did was wrong.  Meanwhile, he just moves onto the next thing and since we live in a post fact world he isn’t held accountable, and by the time it might add up to something everybody is trying to keep up with the next ten things he’s gone onto.  The cycle is never ending.


Proving Trump wrong or catching him in a lie isn’t what we need to get stuck on.  The proofs there it just doesn’t mean or do anything anymore.  To stop Trump and corruption we need to take a real, physical world approach to stop his plans from manifesting.  Trump won’t be able to build a wall or an oil pipeline with people locked in front of it or destroying it as it is being constructed.  There are hundreds of millions of people against him and there is no way anything can stand in the way of a real world, physical approach of obstruction with a group this large.  Liberals need to stop asking permission for protesting properly or getting permits.  We need to act and do what’s right regardless of the supposed process involved that we’ve been told to cater to.  Catering to that system will continue to give us Trumps and the massive left wing populous movement will be held at bay and powerless.  Actually acting without asking permission will make the Trumps of the world ask permission from “us” because not doing so will not be a reality to getting anything accomplished.


There are actions by the left wing populous movement doing such acts of powerful resistance.  Sanctuary cities are not allowing Trumps ideas to take hold, taxi unions are striking at airports, indigenous resistance is happening at Standing Rock, students at UC Berkeley are rising up in resistance, etc.  These are examples of people taking action to make Trumps plans unviable and impractical.  The cool part about all of this is that you don’t have to participate in the most confrontational protests to achieve these goals.  We all don’t need to be getting arrested or attaching ourselves to machinery or standing in front of walls or pipelines.  If you’re great at child care bring your resistance there and offer to take care of children of people who are doing other great things.  If you’re great at supporting people who are in and out of jail bring your resistance and positive energy and action there and help them develop into positive, contributing members of society.  If you’re great at listening to people be a counselor to them when they need someone to listen to and help build them back up.  If you’re great at making food make the best food for those that need it or who don’t have time to make it.  If you have a therapy degree then use that to help people process who are going through tough times and who could be contributing their own gifts more to making the world a better place.  If you love to garden teach kids and/or people how to garden and make that your radical resistance.  And whatever you decide to do realize that it’s your path and don’t hold people accountable or judge or be dismissive of people who don’t do exactly what you’re doing.  Recognize that we each have a role based on our gifts and talents and all the roles together will bring about something great.  We will not get anywhere not agreeing and being bitter towards other people’s form of radical activism that we don’t agree with or would prefer that they were helping us in.  You do you and let others do them and give support to each person’s purpose and cause. Give all those around you strength and positive purpose to be a radical resistor.  This is what creates a culture of resistance and solidarity and brings about the change we want to see in the world.


Your natural gifts and passions are your best gifts to any resistance movement.  Don’t prescribe to doing what is outside of your comfort zone as this will lead to burnout and bitterness and negativity.  We all need to prescribe to what makes us tic naturally and having authentic, sustainable energy to take on hard things makes us win.  Nobody needs to put the pressure on themselves to be Martin Luther King Jr or Gandhi or James Bond or whatever fantasy ideal that brings about unrealistic stress and pressure that we put on ourselves.  Thinking of such figures makes us do nothing because we’re trying to be perfect and anything less seems unworthy?  Get out of that thought process.  Everybody doing very little things will far outweigh some of us doing outrageous, amazing things.


Take on Trump, take on government and community corruption.  Be a radical resistor and resort to action based on what you are good at and already naturally doing in your life.

TA_Direct Action_Power Shift.jpg


Full video on the matter that I summarized can be seen here below




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8 02 2017

“Be a radical resistor and resort to action based on what you are good at and already naturally doing in your life.”
Love it. Keep it up, Ryan.

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