Defeating Trump and Trumpism. Corporate Rule as a Cause or Solution to Trumpism. The Fascism of the Two Major Political Parties and What To Do About It

10 11 2016

Is it more important to keep from fascism occurring or to lay the foundation to keep from fascism occurring?  Both Republican and Democrats cater to forms of fascism.  It is easy for us to point fingers at WWII movies and history textbooks and claim to know what fascism is.  This is the kind of picture book fascism that we possibly label with a Trump candidate at first sight, however, it goes much deeper than that.  Fascism is a form of authoritarian nationalism and authoritarian nationalism is defined by absolute obedience to authority at the expense of individual freedoms.  Most of us are giving our absolute obedience to the Republicans and Democrats.  Individual freedoms are being dramatically torn apart in direct and indirect ways by the two major political parties.  Individual freedoms are quickly on the decline while corporate freedoms are on the rise.  Corporate freedoms entail the massive incarceration of people in the “War on Drugs” and supporting for profit prisons.  Individual freedoms are compromised by not supporting a livable minimum wage of $15 an hour.  Corporate freedoms don’t support universal healthcare.  Individual freedoms are compromised by supporting the TPP trade deal that makes it against the law to write laws that interfere with corporations and their profits and allows them to sue governments in secret tribunals if a government does anything to interfere with their ability to make money.  Corporate freedoms don’t want to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united to get money out of politics.  Individual freedoms are compromised by bailing out Wall Street while not bailing out students in the pending student debt crisis or making college affordable.  Corporate freedoms don’t want green energy policies or a ban on fracking as they are not concerned about destruction to the environment.  Individual freedoms are compromised when our local police are excessively militarized and when the money in our country largely goes to blowing up other countries with rampant drone warfare, racist imperialism and the military industrial complex that creates extremism like ISIS.  Each one of these issues is immense in itself and the consistency is that corporations get what they want and people’s rights and freedoms are compromised.  This disproportionately and negatively affects minorities and working and lower class people, which is pretty much all of us.  Why are we so supportive of a political structure that is not catering to our interests and actually working against us and our individual freedoms?  Do we want to be blindly obedient to political parties and a government that is blindly obedient to corporations, or do we want a party and government that stands for the environment and the 99%?


What is more important, defeating Trump or defeating Trumpism?  What to do about all of this?  If you’re okay with all that’s mentioned above and willing to give more of your absolute obedience to corporate causes then the solution is to vote for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, as they might beat Trump as he is nothing more than a branch that needs to be cut off.  Corporations and the status quo will save us.  Easy problem, easy solution, all is well in the world after the election.  Back to Netflix.  However, if you feel that Trumpism is a result of corporate rule and these situations are only going to escalate and you no longer want to contribute to what’s oppressing the common person then your best bet locally is to align yourself with local progressive candidates and movements that you believe in, and nationally align yourself with a political party that doesn’t actually stand for the oppressive measures above.  These are the values put forth by Bernie Sanders and his supporters who by the way are, interestingly enough, being referred to as Sandernistas.  The natural landing place for them and for most of the left wing, the center, and some of the right wing as well is in the infrastructure of the Green Party and voting for Jill Stein.  The platform of Bernie Sanders was the platform of the Green Party and most people don’t know that.  It is a platform that will get the most accomplished against the corporate ills of our time and instead of pushing back against most independents, half of democrats, and a large portion of republicans, she’d be embracing their interests.  Bernie and Stein values give us the best chance to win in 2020 and beyond and able to position ourselves to defeat Trumpism and neoliberal, corporate dominated rule at the same time.


If we vote for Clinton we will be complicit in the election fraud and corporate rule over our lives.  It will feed Trumpism, and the elections of 2018 and 2020 will be much of the same as more far right wing populous presidential and political opponents will emerge against Clinton and establishment Dems.  Trumpism will be validated and an electrified base will vote her out.  If Trump wins, progressives, democrats, most independents and some republicans will be united in making sure he’s a lame duck who gets impeached.  If he does make it to 2018 or 2020 there will be massive movement uprisings and candidates like Bernie and Jill Stein will be recognized as correct pathways and what could have done away with Trump and Trumpism.  If Stein were to win, or come close, the same would happen with empowering the mass liberal left movement.  With the loss, the DNC would actually have to implement its “most progressive platform” in history rather than fighting tooth and nail against it as they’ve done against the Bernie movement.  They would actually have to listen to and fight for people and being a large, united left wing they would actually cater to our individual freedoms vs corporate rule and have dramatically positive results like Bernie was showcasing.  Opponents running against the interests of the people and standing for corporate rule would lose out in a heartbeat.  The left wing populous movement will cut further into the center and right than the right wing populous movement going in the other direction, especially once the Democrats stop pinning themselves to corporate welfare which is the reason the right wing is having a populous movement at all.  Bernie Sanders would have won this election hands down in a landslide against Donald Trump.


The left populous movement is continuing.  With Bernie bowing out it has made no difference as was evident at the DNC last week in the massive display of people power, movement power, and activist power.  The commonality we all have as people on the left, middle, and some of the right is that we are afraid of Trump.  However, the Bernie movement made it painfully aware that it’s more important to be afraid of Trumpism than that of just Trump.  We will not vote for the lesser of two evils and a system that perpetuates corporatism and Trumpism.  We will vote for a candidate who will do the most good for the most people related to all the drastic issues mentioned in the first paragraph.  Why would we support a candidate in Clinton and the Democratic party who does not support us?  If your best argument for voting for her is fear of Trump then you’re giving into the same fear mongering that Trump is using to keep her from getting elected.  You don’t want a candidate from a third party that has your best interests at heart because one of the candidates is scarier?  And what about the fact that the “less scarier one” in Clinton and the Democratic party worked with the media to rig an election, suppressed voter turnout, change voter’s registration, closed polling stations, committed perjury, took money from foreign governments in exchange for arms deals with nations that commit human rights violations, gave speeches to the biggest companies on Wall-Street for exorbitant fees (and refuses to release the transcripts), actively pushed for the trade deal that allowed for the rich to hid their taxes (Panama Papers) while doing the same thing with her own finances via Delaware, actively helped ensure that workers in Haiti didn’t get the minimum wage increase they deserved, and set up a fund to allow mega-donors to donate to her and down ticket candidates (but funneled 99.5% of all money raised in that regard toward her own campaign).  So this is the candidate that doesn’t scare you? Instead you’re afraid of the bigot with a fourth grade reading level who has no structured campaign.  The candidate that has no one in Washington wanting to work with or associate themselves with him and who has an inability to unite anyone except in opposition against the DNC neoliberal corporate machine?


And yet people will continue to ignore all of the evidence stacked against Hillary and the Democratic party and push for her because of fear.  Even the golden child and symbol of “hope” in Obama has stopped abruptly short of doing great things in order to please his corporate donors.  Dodd-Frank is a weak piece of legislation that basically says Wall Street firms need to police themselves (we know how that story ends). The unemployment rate may be down, but he’s done nothing to address the fact that most jobs are part time, low paying jobs and unemployment would be a lot higher if we addressed actual unemployment instead of what the government calls “unemployment.”  He’s paid lip service to the Black Lives Matter movement and militarized police to an astronomical level (even astronomical in comparison to what Bush did during his years) in what is known as the Byrne program (yes, look it up!). He’s opened relationships with and lifted the embargo against Cuba, which is a great, but only after negotiating terms to let multinational companies begin building there. ISIS isn’t decimated, they’re larger than ever. And the countries they inhabit are wastelands due to the inhabitability left behind by U.S. imperialistic drone attacks. The refugee crisis and the expansion of ISIS are directly correlated to our aggressive militaristic interventionist Middle East policy. He condemns ISIS for their barbarity, yet ignores the human rights violations of Saudi Arabia and those of Israel against the Palestinian people. The CIA and State Department have been caught arming both sides of the Syrian conflict with armaments and weaponry that is better than any they had previously, continuing the vicious cycle of our military industrial complex and selling death and destruction to the world.  Obama has also increased the production of nuclear weapons in the world by authorizing an expansion of our nuclear arms program with the building of thousands of small nuclear missiles.  He’s a great president for the system we have that benefits corporations at all costs, but he isn’t a president that represents the people or where we need to go. The fact that he is considered by some to be the greatest president of our lifetime is scary because the bar is so low in regards to how we think people and the world should benefit from their government.


Everybody likes to say if a third party had a chance at winning they’d vote for a third party, but if you’d just vote for a third party, a third party would have a chance at winning.  And for every person who has said they’re voting Clinton to avoid a Trump presidency despite the strong mass populous movement of people believing in Bernie and now going to the Green Party and saying things like #neverHillary, then you’re ensuring a Trump presidency by going against the swarms of people who are starting to believe the phrase, “Everybody does better when everybody does better.”  What would happen to us if we actually catered our actions for doing the most good for the most people?  The one problem is that the 99% has no political party that is working for them.  Instead the property and corporate party has two right wings.  The Democratic Party has already made its decision as well.  By selecting Hillary as their nominee they are more afraid of Bernie Sanders and the benefits and interests of common people than they are of Donald Trump, and they are pitting people in the middle of this mess and making them blame each other.  The current movement entails people being involved in an insurmountable resistance mode of struggle against the power of corporations.  The fear that Clinton puts on Trump is just a distraction so that the Democratic establishment doesn’t have to finish the conversation that Bernie started for why people are really suffering.  Instead, Bernie supporters are getting attacked for their ideals rather than the ideals of Wall Street and corporate rule that got us into this horrible trap in the first place.  Trump is a cartoon character of fascism.  Trumps have been happening for decades with Nixon, Reagan, Bush, etc. and they will keep happening as long as the corporate class keeps governing.  Trump says loud, direct, obnoxious, and racist things but is even less sophisticated and unified than his predecessors so he’s not really the threat people think he is, he’s just saying things out loud that similar people before him thought and believed in.  Only a non-corporate party can deal with the issues of what created Trump and the corporate greed destroying our communities and our world.  The realities confronting the ills of our state are a nightmare.  The capitalist model of our country is structured for corporate profit and as a result the 99% are trapped in a global race to the bottom.  A long time ago a group separated from England with the intention of creating a government that didn’t involve itself in the massive religious wars and death and destruction of the past.  That idea was separation of church and state and it was a revolutionary idea that only came to be after an actual revolution.  The modern day equivalent of that is creating a government that has a separation of corporation and state.  What kind of movement and revolution will we have to have in order for a better, more perfect union to be achieved?  Our country and our world being a healthy, great place to live will be dependent on the success of that happening.





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