Ending Corporate Rule. The Plight of Our Generation

4 11 2016

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North Dakota is surprisingly cold.  Sometimes I can be funny, though.  I forget simple things about taking care of myself.  Sometimes you don’t eat and wonder why you’re feeling crappy.  Sometimes you don’t sleep and wonder why you don’t have energy.  Well, sometimes in North Dakota it’s cold and you don’t put on more clothes or use more blankets and you wonder why it’s so cold.  I put on two and three pairs of pants, shirts, jackets, socks, and used another blanket, and surprisingly I wasn’t as cold anymore at night.  It’s funny how that works.  If somebody had told me I couldn’t wear shorts or just use summer gear in 30-degree weather I would have known;)   I guess it takes me a few days of suffering to figure things out sometimes.


I’ve gotten used to the sounds of drones and surveillance planes flying around.  At night it sort of reminds me of a white noise machine and has actually aided my sleep.  It is weird psychologically at times, though, that these sounds you are hearing are people watching you.  When the drone stops right above you it’s especially weird to know that it’s sizing you up.  And I wonder why I’ve gotten hacked recently.  Well, what is one to do?  How do you go against drones and surveillance and the technological juggernaut of the most ultimate super power military the world has ever seen?  You don’t try to fight it.  You just live your life and not cater to fear.  I do have a fantasy at times, though, that I’m going to invent some super high tech sling shot that can be used to knock drones from the sky.  Drones are a total invasion of privacy and when they come into your airspace it should be considered an aggressive act like someone threatening coming onto your property.  You should be able to shoot them down.  I wish I was carrying a bunch of baseballs with me.  Get that sling shot shortstop arm back in shape.  Damnit.


Today at Standing Rock was a pretty calm day full of practical activities of helping people out.  I spent some of it driving people to and from the showers to bathe.  To see the faces of the people after they’ve become clean after many days or weeks of not bathing and being stressed out is a magical re-birth experience.  They light up, they talk, they have a new window of momentum and inspiration to push forth with.  I was happy I could be the vein of transport for these people who were working so hard in camp.  I was supporting them and contributing to their strength.  To give them a way to relax and have a breather and create their own personal positive state change was huge.  It made us all feel good and created an immense amount of connection between us.  I have made friends forever by offering them this.  It felt heart centered and wonderful.


I also helped some people set up some huge military tents which is an extremely complicated affair.  They are like mini houses and take many people coordinating to get them set up right.  There are so many new people coming to camp and it is wonderful to see.  So many positive people showing up and creating more unification and solidarity.  Spiritual, peaceful, clergy representatives from Japan showed up today as well and held a big ceremony for peace and for keeping clean water a right.  They traveled so far and it has been amazing to see the international commitment to stand against the U.S. government sponsored oppression of free and peaceful people.  We will need it ever more from this point on as this fight seems to be the beginning of something big that will take a very long time to finish.


Doing all these activities today gave me additional opportunities to talk to many of the native people whether they were from Standing Rock or across the U.S.  There are hundreds of tribes represented here at Standing Rock.  One particular native women I talked to brought her kids and is upset with many in her community for not making the trip or at least doing what they can at home to fight for this cause.  “People need to step outside of their comfort zone and make their lives uncomfortable, for but a second, if we really want to stand up against this oil pipeline construction.”  This woman mentioned that most important of all was that many in her family wouldn’t consider leaving Wells Fargo, which was one of the biggest financial sponsors of the pipeline.  “My mom says she doesn’t want her credit rating affected or to have to re-finance her loan with a new bank.”  And here we see the crux of the issue.  The system we currently live in has pitted people’s own personal financial gain with corporate gain against the community’s loss.  Leaving Wells Fargo in this example would be an uncomfortable short term detail to deal with but would have long term fantastic benefits.  We need to start holding companies accountable and opting out from doing business with them when they do participate in shady dealings that contribute to financially sponsoring oppression.  The power is in the people and who they invest their money with but each person has to push to make their own decision about taking on short term discomforts for long term benefits.  People all have hard and busy lives and it’s a hard thing to convince people to do.  The government, the corporations, the banks know this all too well and have successfully pitted people against each other in this way.  How long will this go on for?  We have more control in these situations than we think.


Through many other conversations today with people from various colors, creeds, religions, backgrounds, etc. it is apparent that what is happening at Standing Rock is a global issue.  It’s a system of state sponsored terrorism standing up for corporate profits and enacting rules, laws, policies that affect people’s ability to live empowered lives or even be given basic resources like clean water.  The Native American oppression is the Palestinian oppression is the Black Lives Matters oppression, etc.  It is the people of the world suffering from corporate rule.  It is the people of the world suffering from fascist governments enacting racist, imperialistic, and corporate friendly policies that limit the lives of normal people in harmful ways.  To many here, it is becoming known as the fight of our generation.  These types of confrontations are going to rage on for years to come.  Corporations like oil companies who have taken over governments to do their bidding and enact violence to support their policies will not just voluntarily give up their power.  This confrontation is going to rage on in every country, every state, every locality for decades to come.  It will have to be demanded and taken from them in order for them not to destroy the Earth and the people that live on it.  The persistence and strength of what is happening right now at Standing Rock is just the beginning of a long fight.


Walking up to the front line today where the trucks were burned on the bridge by the natives to escape advancement by the corporate soldiers into the main camp at Standing Rock, there was now razor blade circular barbed wire all around these burned vehicles, over the barricades, and extending down to the lakes on each side.  Looking through it and past the trucks and barricades it was as if I was looking into a history book at what it looked like on the east side of the Berlin Wall.  There were full military, with their huge guns and about 50 vehicles and drones all standing guard in defense of defenseless people who are praying and seeking peace.  I was in a group of mostly media members who were taking pictures and doing interviews at this spot.  There was one point where it was projected on a loudspeaker that we would be arrested if we continued to trespass on the other side of the barricade.  Continue to trespass on the other side of the barricade?  Are you kidding me?  Is this what is has become where we are trespassing by staying on our side of the fence and on the land we were invited to be on?  This is basically what the native people have been putting up with for hundreds of years.  Like I said, get ready for this confrontation to be waged for years to come.


The reason there is no end in sight from a U.S. perspective is that we are currently a week away from an election that will either put a flaming, psychopath racist into the presidency, which has its obvious problems, or an imperialist, war mongering, corporatist instilling the same kind of oppression against people that we are seeing at Standing Rock and throughout the world.  You ask people here who they will vote for in the election and they just laugh at you.  Upon asking one man, he pointed to himself and said, “One candidate will hate me because of this (pointing to his skin while another will send in those (pointing to the corporate soldiers).”  Most do not participate in politics and only vote for locals they know or people who they feel will actually stand up for people.  Having worn a Bernie shirt one of the days here I received a lot of positive feedback and it makes me cringe of how united we would be as a people, as a world, confidently knowing we were moving in the right direction with a candidate who symbolically and realistically stood for people, for the environment, for the oppressed, against corporate rule, for Standing Rock, for Black Lives Matters, For Palestine, etc.

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