Only Love is Real. The Rest is Based in Ignorance and Fear. Standing with Standing Rock, ND and the Water Protectors.

30 10 2016

–Lyla June Johnston video

Summation below of the video above by Lyla June Johnston:


Bad things happen in the world.  Good people are getting hurt that are standing for peace and it makes our hearts hurt and heavy.  We can internalize this and become our supposed ‘enemy’ and become tempted to adhere to hatred, fear, and anger, but does this actually serve us?  It may seem so in that short term moment as intense, negative feelings are easy to grab onto and exercise and feel powerful with, but ultimately it will turn us into what we hate and the cycle will forever fester within itself, ourselves, and only be perpetuated.  Do we want to be possessed by such things, by emotions, and especially by these types of negative, short term reactionary feelings?  How will that affect those and everything in your life around you?  What kind of energy do you want to be spreading and influencing others with?


The events at Standing Rock are calling all of us to rise even higher in our prayer, in our ability to access our collective conscious, and putting forth positive intentions for the people that are standing for peace who are suffering tremendously at the hands of those going against the water protectors.  It also calls for that same level of positive intention to those who have hurt the people standing for peace.  There is trauma happening all around in these chaotic events and everyone needs to be able to process that or that trauma will fester in them forever.  At the end of the day we are all human beings and a cocoon of compassion needs to be created for the protesting water protectors, the police, and the pipeline workers.


Even though the policemen are treating the protestors and whoever stands in their way as enemies we must not give into that illusion.  We must counter that with the assertion and affirmation that we are family.  When someone treats you like an enemy it is easy to fall into the allusion that you are that enemy.  The illusion is coming out of a misguided place for those to believe that do not know the whole picture.  If the whole picture was considered perhaps many of the police and pipeline workers and leaders who made these decisions for this project would not believe in and participate in the illusion to treat the water protectors as their enemies.  We pray for these people’s hearts to be healed; to be thawed and to be re-connected to this web of life where we are all family.  Beliving otherwise is the illusion, we are all part of the human family no matter what race, color, ethnicity, religion, etc.  We all descend from one very real human mother.


We as human beings can use our bodies to become a doorway through which the spirit can flow.  Through which the spirit can effectuate change, even in places that are far way.  We need to remember that we are not just physical beings but we are spiritual beings and we can transcend these physical boundaries through our love and prayer.  We can mentally create a huge gateway of grace that people on the ground can use as strength.  Let that grace rush through you to people on the ground.  Feel it leaving you and being thrown out into the world.


There is no act too small to stand up for the water protectors.  It’s not just about now and this energy bubble but it’s about the long haul.  Maybe it’s time to gather alliances, gather our strength, prepare for something bigger and better in the future.


Only love is real.  The rest is based in ignorance and fear.





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