The Democratic Party is Not What it Seems.

8 08 2016

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The Democratic party is where progressive politics go to die. Supporters of Bernie Sanders got a first-hand lesson in this.  The views of Sanders were progressive because many of his ideas were taken right out of the Green Party Platform.  Yes, Trump is scary but not enough to be distracted from what must happen which is to break up the two-party system for good.  The erosion of the parties is happening and a true democracy is forming built upon the foundations of racial, economic, gender and social justice.  A democracy that values humanity over profits.  So far the only thing this election cycle has taught us is that we must keep organizing and vote for the future we want, not against the one we fear.


A key difference between Hillary and Donald Trump is that despite Trump’s rhetoric, Hillary has strong and deep ties to the corporate and military industrial complex. She has a skilled propaganda machine and has the funders and tools of war and economic suppression at her disposal.


It is only because the Republican Party is the “white man’s party” that the Democrats can be seen as more open and diverse.  The American people cannot and should not expect adequate political representation from a party that was not created by them but only exists to assure that we have nowhere else to go.  The Democratic Party has mastered this image, using people of color for their vote and then ultimately enacting policies that harm them.


Bill Clinton was known as America’s “first black President” but he moved the Democrats back to the center right, and he did it off the backs of African-American and Latino men and women in 1994 when he signed into law the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.  In 1996, he signed into law welfare reform that gutted the safety net for poor and working families. He deregulated Wall Street, passed NAFTA and ushered in a modern era of free trade that has had disastrous results for countries and people all over the world.


By his side was Hillary Clinton who was also helping usher in rising mass incarceration rates under the Democratic president.  Hillary was a trusted advisor as her labeling of black and brown people as “super predators” helped support these people getting racially profiled and locked up, and until recently, she was still taking money in donations from the same private prison corporations that benefitted from the incarceration of an entire generation of black and brown people in the first place.  Barack Obama continued these legacies as well with endless war in drone use, a crackdown on whistle blowers, the failure to close Guantanamo Bay, an Affordable Care Act that still leaves millions of Americans without any form of healthcare as well as ushering in the most deportations of any president in American history.  The Black lives matter movement spurred up as well due to his inaction of police brutality against people of color.









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