DNC Post #5: Black Lives Matter, Hillary’s Imperialism as Racism

27 07 2016

The protests and panels today heavily veered toward conversations about racism.  Multiple Black Lives Matter marches and rallies and panels were held through Philly.  The city was exploding with racial activism.  It was the first political event in Philly that actually started in one of Philadelphia’s Black and impoverished neighborhoods in North Philly.  These marches had the least amount of police presence and the Black citizens were vigilant in handling their own justice when confronted with a crowd rallying, white-supremacist instigator as they would forcefully remove these types of people from the march.  Perhaps the police didn’t want to get involved within these types of crowds or maybe they just chose not to protect these people.  If a death or injury occurred, I’m sure the strategy by the police was to have no police presence around as to not be blamed for possible police brutality.  A blunder at such an event would instantly be a national scandal.  The negative energy between the Black community and cops was on the edge of inflammatory to say the least.  Having worked and spent a lot of time in these communities I can attest to these feelings being genuine.


The racially oppressed live behind a veil of confusion.  They are made to believe that their government is working for them.  They are made to believe that because Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have Black Lives Matter guest speakers at the convention then everything is getting better.  The illusion is that Hillary and Democrats are working for them, that they are not being jailed at a rate four times as much as whites, that they are not getting harassed and murdered in repulsive numbers.  Democrats and Clintons have largely been at the helm while all this has happened to their communities over the decades.  There is outrage by Black people about white people resorting to white privileged mindsets for assuming that the black vote will automatically just go towards the left.  White privileged neo-liberals are right about that.  They know that minorities don’t truly have representation and voting Republican is not really an option.  The Black and minority communities are being held hostage by the Democratic Party due to the fact that racism exists.  The most vulnerable of all social issues is being used as a political weapon to communities most in need.  But vote blue, we need to unify.


The racist problem in America is the struggle against establishment neoconservative and neoliberal politics.  Both Republican and Democrat parties believe is absolute truths and values for implementing American imperialism, regime change, and aggressive militarism.  We use massive resources in our country to implement racism and xenophobia around the world.  How can a government so in love with its own military industrial complex actually do something about their own imperialist and militarization industrial complex at home?  The “War on Drugs” is a racist domestic war against minorities.  The militarization of police is giving that war tools to aggressively assert itself.  The policy of America is to mass incarcerate blacks and to implement aggressive regime change in these impoverished communities.  If we are to truly combat and confront our problems with racism, we need to acknowledge that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both will implement massive imperialism abroad and domestic racism at home.  They both have the power to be the most dangerous political people on the planet.  Combating racism at home is in direct correlation to combatting racism abroad.  But vote blue, we need to unify.


White privilege lurks around in sneaky ways.  It is a common for people to throw it around very loosely.  Some of my minority friends claim that it’s white privilege to vote for anyone but Hillary because whites won’t feel the full effects of a Trump presidency like minorities.  Third party voting is seen as not voting or a vote for Trump and racism.  Okay I get it, but where are these activists saying this?  Where are the Hillary activists on the street trying to spread their authentic message?  If this was the solution, why is it that no one really believes it but the people working for the Democratic Party inside closed buildings and not bringing up these points within Black Lives Matter marches or panel discussions on racism in America?  Again, there is no Hillary Clinton activist presence here in Philly.  The reason there isn’t is because that message is inauthentic, falling on deaf ears, and is not being received or even brought up on any big stage.  It is a message that might makes sense in a room but doesn’t really make sense to what people are feeling or experiencing in their real lives.


What makes sense to racism activists and to groups like Black Lives Matter is that white privilege entails voting for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party system that actually keeps instituting levels of overt oppression.  This is not unity.  This is a group of privileged people not experiencing the effects of oppression telling another group who does experience such things to get behind their cause.  When unity doesn’t occur usually irritation follows along with scaring them with Trump racism.  Racism is racism and Black and minority populations have always dealt with it.  There is no such thing as voting for the lesser of two evils when it comes to the two types of racial problems Blacks and minorities face from both parties.  Real unity in this cause stems from realizing the reason white supremacy was enacted in this country.  During the era of slavery, a narrative of white supremacy was popularized by the owners of this country.  These land holders, slave owners, business owners all realized that the plight of the poor white was very similar to the plight of the black slave.  It would be all too obvious for these populations to eventually see their treatment and cause as similar.  Aggressive white supremacy was implemented as a divide and conquer strategy to keep the status quo going for the owners in our country.  By making poor whites think they were different from slaves would divide the cause of unity in the people.  The owners would still heavily oppress all, but the poor whites would now be oppressed a little less.


Fast forward to current times and we see ourselves in a similar situation.  The capitalist, owner class is getting all the benefits.  The Bernie message about the 0.1% of the top 1% rings true as they are reaping all the benefits and working in tandem with the establishment government class.  The working class is losing a lot of wealth at an alarming rate.  Minorities are being thrown in jail at an alarming rate, and yet the working class and the minority class will get stuck in squabbles regarding white supremacy.  The real unity comes in the form of racial unity.  It comes in the form of the poor and working class unity.  It comes in the form of these poor and working class whites realizing that they are being oppressed by the same people that are oppressing the minority class.  The white supremacist strategy of divide and conquer is manipulating these populations.  Unity comes in the form of empowering the common person and voting for racial equality.  The common person is trying to make a livable wage and suffering tremendously at the hands and policies of the governing and owner class.  Real unity comes in the form of not limiting yourself to catering to voting blue or red.  Blue and red are the same color in race relation vision.  Blue and red mentalities create the problems we are dealing with.  When will we not just vote blue to vote blue but rather think about how real unity occurs and is delivered?  Life is tough when we confront breaking unhealthy patterns.


Black America has been looked at in terms of how their oppressors define them.  You should vote a certain way because this is how you feel and you have no other choice.  The real danger is when the oppressed start believing the image that is laid before them by their oppressor.  When one starts to believe in the image that one sees about themselves, true empowerment and unity more easily occurs.  Our political parties do not want to create a narrative that Blacks and Whites can see themselves in each other.  They do not want true unity to form.  They do not want imperialism and racist wars abroad to be looked at as anything other than terrorism.  They thrive off the fear we have for each other and the world.  The Democratic Party will continue this pattern.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will both continue to implement massive amounts of these things.  The conservative right can’t be expected to overcome these types of things but the left does have the potential to change.  Can we please come together on the left and actually take a stand for real unity?  We don’t have to implement and support racism just because our opponents do.







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