DNC Post #4: Militarism and Political Privilege

26 07 2016

My inner thighs are chaffed as all hell today.  I have numerous mosquito bites and the little flies that fly by un-expectantly and bite you are incredibly annoying as well.  The weather was as unbearable as I’ve felt it in Philly.  People were dropping like mad throughout the day.  Calls of ‘medic!’ or ‘we need a doctor!’ were heard throughout the day as people would suddenly keel over from the humidity and heat.  It was 99 degrees today and the all-important humidity percentage was over 80 percent.  At 7pm a massive deluge of thunderstorms hit and city flash flood warning sounds could be heard along with everyone’s cell phone making that crazy emergency notification sound.  This pretty much dispersed the heavy crowds as lightning was also flashing and striking around.  Despite the emergency weather, the closest subway station stayed closed to the public.  It was being used for only national delegates and police and convention staff.  Even though nobody had been using the subway stop for many hours as the delegates had all gotten there hours earlier and wouldn’t be done until hours later, the police and security would not let the public use the stop.  They made the massive amounts of people walk a mile to the next stop in emergency flooding conditions.  It was a pathetic display of compassion as many old and young people along the way very much needed help walking and carrying their things.  Bernie folk had to stand in and help these people as no one else would.  In a way, symbolic of why we are all here.  A minutely small percentage stands to benefit from something while most people get the raw end of the deal and no help.  At times, everything is all too ironic and obvious for why this movement is taking place.


There were calls in ‘Movement for Bernie’ groups for the national delegates to walk out of the convention during today’s proceedings.  I asked a few delegates on the inside if they thought this was a good idea and it was relayed back to me that nothing was going to stop the DNC from completing its performance.  There were people ready to fill these seats if Bernie delegates walked out.  It wouldn’t be talked about on the mass media stations and all would just go along as planned.  Does a tree make a sound in the forest if nobody hears it?  Does a political convention remain legit if nobody sees the problem?  Sounds like a simple establishment solution to an establishment problem.  When the media is your pocket you can do whatever you want. These particular national delegates felt that their time would be best spent attending the convention.  Not having a real news and media outlet has its advantages.  It conforms people.  It makes them stay sheep.  It is powerful.  It gets its way.  It entertains over informs.  How long will this all continue?  How long until people really know there is a problem.  It’s a lot of work to admit there’s a problem and that’s why people just want to vote for Hillary.  It’s an inconvenient truth that requires action once the truth is confronted.  It’s just easier to believe the system is perfect the way it is.  I can still feel ok about not doing anything about it.


The day continued as had the previous day except there was a massive influx of people.  Trying to ask a combination of citizens, cops, event organizers, media, business owners, we came to the conclusion that there were a hundred thousand plus people there today.  City hall area was jam packed with people, speakers, signs, and many different movements.  Even the “Jesus is God and hates gays and hates everyone as everyone is sin” people showed up.  What a bunch of dopes.  These people represent the horrific side of free speech.  They have the loudest megaphones and they need their own police escorts and incite an insane amount of violence in people by being absolute dicks.  If hell really exists and anyone is really going there, it’s definitely going to be these people.


Many conversations today included imagining how the event would be if Bernie was the nominee.  The fiercest protests were people standing up against the racist ‘War on Drugs’, the TPP, ICE and deportation and immigration treatment, climate change and environmentalism inaction, lack of transparency and accountability in government, corruption, corporate welfare, police brutality and racism and unequal treatment for minorities and black lives matter issues, rampant militarism and drone warfare, mass incarceration, money in politics, among many other things.  Improving these issues represent real progressive cause and real people empowerment.  Not that all of these things would be magically fixed if Bernie was the nominee but there would be a raw and awesome power attached to these issues.  There would be people power behind these issues.  We would feel a grand unity and an accomplishment that the government was actually standing up for the needs of its citizens.  We would really feel like our government was working for us.  It would be unifying for the left and we would steamroll Trump and Conservatives.  The authenticity of the movement would sell itself and would win over most people in America.  People standing to benefit by voting for a party and candidate that supports them would usher in a whole era of political allegiance.


As day one of the convention comes to a close we are still very far from this reality.  The Democratic Party thinks it knows what’s best for people and is riddled with entitled and elitist leaders.  They’d rather cater to the right than to their base which is the whole liberal left wing.  People on the left will not stand for this.  Most importantly, they will not continue to support a candidate who represents a system that commits militarized atrocities throughout the world using basically an unlimited military budget and drone warfare and is obsessed with regime change to support their own corporate partners.  When Sarah Silverman who is invited to speak at the DNC comes out with a message to ‘Bernie or Bust’ supporters with a condescending “You’re being ridiculous” it actually makes Bernie people dig in deeper and think, “No, you’re being ridiculous!”  She earlier claimed that her heart makes her vote for Bernie but her mind makes her vote for Clinton.  So being a militarized war monger is a trait associated with thinking with your head.  Again, seems like the opposite.


We’ve lost the ability to talk to one another.  Everyone thinks they’re right and speaks to each other in condescending tones.  When I catch glimpses of the DNC on TV I can’t help but think that our Democratic leaders are in a high school classroom trying to bully and manipulate and talk down to one another.  This happens with all perspectives but the only major flaw I especially see in the Hillary camp is that these are people that are very much entrenched in their own system.  They don’t get outside their box.  They’ve been so comfortable in their places of power that they’ve lost the ability to empathize with the common person.  Being out in the streets with people and their causes it is about a 9 to 1 ratio of Bernie to Hillary supporters.  Within the confines of the walls of Democratic Party headquarters that ratio is flipped.  There is a massive communication breakdown and the inside group has most of the power and is ignoring the other.  The establishment Democrats will go down in their own flames before they allow themselves to be convinced that they’re wrong, and the sad part about it is that the common people will experience the brunt of the pain when this happens.  Establishment Dems will continue leading their comfortable lives.  It is ‘political privilege’ at its worst.  When there’s no real motivation or consequence for those in privileged positions to do anything different or to do the right thing they will never deliver and do anything different.


There were many different marches of tens of thousands of people leaving from city hall today and doing the five-mile heat/death march down to FDR park and the convention center.  Nina Turner, Cornell West, and Jill Stein were some of the bigger names that spoke.  The Green Party and Jill Stein are looking to make massive gains if Bernie Sanders can’t pull off the miracle of the Democratic nomination.  She stands for many of the same things Bernie does but since this opportunity recently fell into her lap one wonders if she is actually prepared to take this on.  It’s like when the star quarterback goes down and the backup has to suddenly come in.  She presents herself well on the issues and on social media but she lacks the pizzazz and experience of Bernie.   You can tell she is uncomfortable about all the attention now being on her; about being in the national spotlight.  One would think that she would get better as time goes on.  Regardless, huge amounts of Bernie supporters will not vote for Hillary Clinton.  A small percentage will vote for Trump but a large percentage will exit the Democratic Party and vote for Stein and her Green Party values.  The Green Party will definitely see the most popularity it has ever seen before.  A true third party voice will definitely have the opportunity to get a foothold from the 2016 election.  Positive in the long run of the U.S. for giving more representation to more people but potentially disastrous for the Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party is not going to go sinking anytime soon but perhaps this is the start of the foundational cracks that will eventually lead to its downfall.  How will history books remember the election of 2016?  Clinton era destroys Democratic Party or Clinton era revives Democratic Party?  I think I know which one sounds more realistic given how people are currently suffering and the history and selfish nature of the how the party carries itself.


Let the marathon of master minded, sophisticated shadiness continue.  Maybe they’ll serve cake at the convention tomorrow.







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