DNC Post #2: Democrats Catering to Walls, Police, Trump

23 07 2016

First impressions of Philly for the Democratic National Convention is cops, fences, and barricades.  After the blunt and direct portrayal of evil put forth by the racism, sexism, xenophobia at the Republican National Convention I was interested to see how the Democrat Convention would present itself.  It isn’t off to the best start.  The city is littered with cops in militarized fashion and the stadium where the convention is being held is barricaded with a million maze like high fences and walls.  Citizens have to walk through a literal maze of fences and barricades to move what would otherwise be about twenty feet in a forward direction.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt park (FDR park) is where the permit has been granted by the city for the movement’s supporters to camp, however, the whole park which is right next to the convention stadium is completely quarantined off.  It is hard to get into and out of, people are not being granted anywhere to park and there is an absence of water available and bathrooms.  There are hordes of cops throughout the park and helicopters are flying above at all times.  Huge gangs of cops on horses and motorcycles in bushes, etc. constantly assert their presence.  The only time, I’ve seen more cops on a street was when corrupt as all hell China was hosting the Olympics in 2008.  There really isn’t all too many people here yet but they are setting up stages and the look and feel of the event is that the city, the police, the organizers are expecting a massive influx of people in the coming days.


It is unfortunate that Trump’s mindset and strategy to “make America safe again” is centered around walls and police, and Democrats seem to be taking a lesson from his campaign.  The Trump effect is infiltrating its way into and becoming part of the demise of the Democratic Party.  This is not going to end well with all these people and all these cops and police.  The police are already instigating confrontation overall.  It’s amazing how much the oppressed has to hold its composure in the face of corrupt police who are baiting you to break a law.  Once a law is broken or even walked up to a cop can do whatever they want.  Who is watching the cops?  Oh yeah I almost forgot, nobody.


With the current Democrat Party and Hillary at the helm we are seeing what a Democratic police state looks like vs that of the Republicans.  It will still be extremely oppressive, it will still put up walls for people, it will still be corrupt and intimidate and easily resort to incarceration.  It might not be the Republican, ignorant witch hunt, which definitely does count for something, but it still will be a system centered around oppression and instigating and perpetuating the divisiveness of the have and have nots.  Is that really all too much better?  Is it truly the lesser of evils?  Yes, technically, but it is still part of the overall evil that lurks in our country, that is running our country.


I get it.  I get why there needs to be cops and police and barricades.  I get why there has to be law and order.  I am not an anarchist, but the feel of everything going on here is that it didn’t need to be this way.  It didn’t have to be an oppression based event.  It didn’t need to cater to the vulgarity of how the Republicans and Trump conduct business.  We had a different choice and the Democrats didn’t take it.  The energy of Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have brought about this kind of energy.  It would have been a protest of acceptance and excitement and unity.  It would have been an event catered to the energy of being excited at moving forward.  That kind of love and unity would steamroll Trump.  It would collapse the Republican Party.  And it’s not that Bernie could have been the only one that ushered this in.  It could have been Hillary Clinton working with Bernie in a way that was recognized by both leaders and their followers as legit.  A 50/50 compromise.  Rather the Democratic Party and Hillary are going at it alone.  They are confident that their establishment base will not need the help of anyone else on the left.  They are confident that this will overcome Trump’s conservative populism.  And people wonder why Democrats lose so much.


Talking to various people in town about the convention, it is easy to see the negativity centered around a Hillary vs Trump presidential election.  In most of the conversations I always get a load of why people don’t like Trump and why they don’t like Hillary.  What never comes up, though, is why people hate Bernie.  They’ll say at times that they disagree with Bernie but they know what he stands for and respect him.  Most of these random people I chat with are leaning towards voting for Trump.  They know what Trump stands for and even if they despise him they would rather have a clear vision of what somebody is vs not.  These people would have voted for Bernie and they will have a hard time voting for Hillary.  Hillary is not the best candidate.  We didn’t have to go this route.


Other details about the day.  The city gave permits to the Bernie movement for people to camp in FDR park and then police came out today and put up no camping signs everywhere.  The helicopters constantly flying low and making it feel like a war zone and droning out the organizers messaging, is probably the weirdest thing of all.  I can’t help but feel that it’s an abuse of power and a waste of resources by a police department that’s chomping at the bit to use its military toys.  There are a million ways to get involved here.  There are constant peace keepers recruiting volunteers who are passionately standing for, promoting, and spreading non-violence.  There is a list of events that are constantly going on for people to participate in everyday (found at http://www.philly.fyi).  The organizers are a wonderful group of people who have come together for this cause.  The networking of getting to know amazing organizers and fellow humans fighting for what is positive is extraordinarily awesome.  The mayor’s office of Philly is expecting 200,000 people.  The organizers are expecting a million.  We’ll see where it lands.  If people really come together for this, perhaps Bernie could actually pull this off or at least be taken more seriously and considered by the Democratic Party.  Wouldn’t it be nice if a mass movement of people was considered and actually met?  I don’t hold high expectations for the Democratic Party.


Now off to make a human peace sign to be seen by the helicopters.  Such an unruly, violent bunch that has no place in politics.


Up and onward!





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