The World Left to Egos

1 03 2016

“There’s too much information on Facebook and on twitter!  Petitions, good causes, horrible things happening, wonderful people doing outrageously positive things, info on anything supporting whatever it is you believe.  How does one not get overwhelmed by simply spending five minutes on Facebook!” I mention.

“Well, it isn’t about that,” said Lilly.  “It’s about unfollowing people on your feed and creating what you want the world to see on YOUR Facebook feed.”

“So paying attention to others is initially important but eventually leads to unfollowing others from cluttering up what you see on there?”

“Yeah, do you think I have time to think about what other people are posting?  I am busy with number one here.  How will I create the change I want to see in the world?  It is a difficult task and people constantly distracting me will not lead me to getting anything done.”

“But don’t you need to pay attention to others in order to have people pay attention to you” I wonder?

“No, Lyon!  There will always be people who have nothing else to do but to pay attention to others.  The world is mostly full of people who will aspire to do nothing with their lives and only look at others.  I will be one of the people for them to look at and will instill change!” as Lilly said excitedly.

“How many friends do you have on Facebook Lilly?”

“I don’t know about 1000.”

“How many do you think you’ve unfollowed?”

“I have no idea, probably a couple hundred.”

“Let me see your phone” as I grab it.  “I’m going to go on your feed to see how many friends pop up given the first 100 or so notifications.”

“Hey, what are you doing!  Don’t look at my Facebook!”  As Lilly struggled unsuccessfully to keep me from looking at her phone.

“It looks like you have only five friends that came up whereas I’ve unfollowed no one on my Facebook and most of my first 100 posts are people I’m friends with or organizations I support.”

“Okay, okay so I’ve probably unfollowed most people on my friends list” Lilly mentions.  “I guess it’s rare that I allow myself to see what others post.”


The door opens up and Jon walks in.


“Jon!” I yell.  “How many people have you unfollowed on your Facebook.”

“Oh most of them definitely.  You think I have time to listen to what people are saying or thinking or want me to do for them?  I run and organize campaigns for fucks sake.  I don’t got time for people.  I need people to focus on the message I’m putting out there.”

“Wait wait, I know I’m not really using Facebook as up to date as most people do but isn’t it a bit ironic that both of you post things that you want other people to see and participate in but in turn don’t listen or see what others are asking of you?”

“Not weird at all” as both Lilly and Jon exclaim in unison.

“People are preoccupied with dumb ass shit that only re-confirms their world view vs. any relevant real information that is out there.  I can’t be bogged down by that.  I can’t get lost in that world…” pleads Jon.

“Yeah and this is what most people do Lyon.  It’s just the way it’s done.  Whether it’s right or wrong isn’t really not my concern.  If I don’t do it myself then I’m going to get lost in other people’s dramas and how they want me to live vs. how I want myself to live.  It’s either me or them” as Lilly backs up Jon.

“You guys are both whack.  What seems so right to both of you is creating a world where nobody pays attention to one another.  If most people do this and realize eventually that nobody really is paying attention to them, then the only audience they have is themselves.  Which also applies to the both of you too unfortunately.  Have fun speaking mostly to yourself.  How is this sustainable?  How does that not create a world of ego-centric idiots who have no empathy or compassion for others but instead care about only what they bring to the world?  How does that accurately reflect what the world actually needs?  You get what you give and if you give people no attention you will hardly get any.  How successful are you guys at getting people to pay attention to what you post  anyway?  From being someone who still follows you guys, and people in general, I seem to think not many are paying attention to either of you.”

“What I wish I could do right now is unfollow this conversation” exclaims Jon.  “Hey do you want to volunteer to sign up to help me get my start-up going that’s going to tackle homelessness in the community.  I only need a few people to help me but am having trouble finding help.  It’s ridiculous.”

“Geez, I wonder why” I bitterly say.

“Hey, what about coming on down and helping me set up for my concert tonight” Lilly pleads.  I’m hoping more people will make it out for once.”

“Look at you guys!  You’re treating me like a Facebook feed.  If it was so easy to tune me out by the click of a button, you would have by now.”  What?  No response to my questions?  Doesn’t any of this make sense to you two?  Why do you think it’s hard for the both of you to get people to do whatever it is you want them to help you with?”

“Shut up Lyon, who cares what you’re trying to say.  That’s now how the world works.  We both need people to help us along with OUR journey and there are people who will do that.  People are a resource.  How do I know what anyone else is going through?  All I do know is what is happening to ME and what I need.  I’m trying to make the world a better place.  Look I’m trying to tackle homelessness!”

“Yeah, and as for me”, Lilly mentions, “I’m going to freak out if I hear one more time that nobody cares about what I’m doing.  People are not helping ME!  Why should I help anyone else?  If what comes around goes around is supposed to happen then how come nobody does anything that I plan, in order to make me feel that I should support others?”

“Both of you talk in only, ‘I’ this, and ‘me’ that.  Doesn’t that resonate with you?  Self absorption is what will eat you from within.  Your brain will never cease to let go of what YOU need vs that of others.  How else do you think we survived for so many thousands of years in the trees and safaris, while we were gorillas?  That’s not the case anymore and in all actuality an individual vs a pack even back then was disadvantageous.  We are social creatures for a reason.  Our brains are still stuck in that anxious driven, brutal world and the easiest way out of a problem is going to be more often than not what your brain tells yourself what I can or cannot do.  We have to aspire to get past the ‘I’ in our lives and make it ‘we.’  I swear to god, a psychedelic experience is waiting in the winds for the both of you and for so many others.  How else will we as a species get out of our own heads and not be so self-absorbed?”

“Haha, psychedelics are the answer! Typical Lyon response.  So I have to go work on my community project.  Since you’re so into living outside of yourself then why don’t you help me out and help yourself out especially by taking a hit from this bowl.  Cannabis is a psychedelic plant right?” mentions Jon.

“Haha, yep Lyon, smoke the enlightened plant.  Give in to the medicine.  Maybe it’ll make you focus on yourself so you can actually start participating in the real world and feel what all of us others are actually feeling and living out everyday.  Get outside of your own head with your whole ‘we’ thinking.  Have you ever thought about that?”

“If we all didn’t like to smoke cannabis I don’t know why we’d ever hang out.  Is there a way to smoke pot with people through Facebook?  I think it’d make you guys pay attention to people more” as I sarcastically reach for a toke of the plant medicine.





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