A Winding Path

24 11 2015

A fly zigs around the house. Humans swap at it trying to predict its zagging often flailing about creating their own sense of zig. Bacteria and mold grows in the shower handles. We try to counteract it by spraying bleach. We cough at the poison. The march of life goes on in many directions. We want to predict. The fly just wants some poop. The mold, a wet place with no air. If only we could have everything we wanted but then we get it and we want more. Our energy rises, our numbers grow, we become content and then it’s too much. We want what we had before. We see the value in the strength gained from going through struggle. The right balance of struggle and predicting and getting what we want brings us to a place of flourishing. Getting too fat on life, getting too much of what we want strokes our egos and leads us to thinking we are bigger than we are. Boredom persists. Life is not all it’s cracked up to be and told to you by others. What’s next is sought after not because it’s necessarily good but because it’s related to growth.


When deciding to take a path what motivates you to take one over another? You come to a split in the road. You decide that going left looks better. You figure out you can always come back if this path doesn’t work out but you never actually end up doing that. You venture forth only to find that there’s another split in the road. Mental note this other path and you’ll take it when you come back. You continue on the original journey only to find there are many other lightly stepped on loose trails throughout that look enticing. Do you take these roads less traveled, the main one, or go back and do the others that you’ve left behind? How will I know which one is the best? Maybe I can systematically document where I’ve been and what it was like and compare it to others on other days. That takes time? Are you fortunate enough to have the resource of time? Time can lead to these proper conclusions but then time can also lead to the adventure of never ending exploration. Exploring each and every road turns into the obsession. Time creates a space where growth can develop. Thinking the growth leads to something is an expectation that we yearn for but in all reality we create the meaning that growth is supposedly growing towards. Growth is just growth. One day it will stop growing and then what? Where will you be and what will you have thought about it all?


We all grow in various directions. Some are looked upon as good, some bad, some mediocre, some boring, some distasteful, some offensive, some happy, some sad, some unfortunate, and on and on. What’s the difference of your path vs. that of other animals, organisms, life? We all go in the direction we think best. The path of resistance usually isn’t trodden down or at least it isn’t our first reaction. We are like water in that way and in fact our human bodies are mostly water so taking the path of least resistance will overwhelmingly be what’s done most of the time. Some are filled with other elements like fire, air, earth, astrological energy, etc. and these people might find that taking the path of resistance is more for them. Oftentimes we have no choice and our environment dictates what path we take. What motivates us all to do the things that we do? What small degrees of change lead us to paths that lead to other splits in the road and then others and then others? It is the beauty of all of this complication and choice that makes the world go round. There is so much energy out there and how will you relate to it? It is what drives us to keep growing despite not knowing. Knowing leads to the satisfaction that we were right but being right is only self-affirming for but a moment then quickly leads to the next thing we must be right about. The complexity of a situation is the beauty. The complexity is what leads to most growth. I see a fly buzzing around. Maybe I’ll chase it around for a while and see if I can predict where it will go…:)





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