Common occurrences of being a minority in America and dealing with police.

12 11 2015

A great article is presented here.  There is no way to know how a minority encounters the police when you yourself are not a minority.  Perhaps if you have minority family members or friends or were in a place where you witnessed an encounter.  In any case, it is hard for white people (most white men as they are the most advantageous/well treated group in America) to know of the pains, sufferings, deaths, injuries, psychological traumas, etc. that come from the interactions of minorities dealing with law enforcement.  Undue power is given to these law enforcement individuals and if we as a community, country, people ignore how they treat people (mostly minorities), and not hold them accountable for their actions then we are ourselves participating in treating a people less than and racism overall.  In this account, we see what an African America has gone through his whole life.  It is unequal in nature that minorities need to act better and more obedient than whites to be treated fairly, and as whites do, by law enforcement and others.  Nobody should have to go through what he describes in this article and we are truly not a free, liberty driven country if our fellow man, our fellow citizens, are continually living a life and being exposed to this sort of corrupt law enforcement behaivor where no one is held accountable for their actions.  There is countless videos, eye witness accounts, research and well documented info that supports that this is a major problem.  Not believing so is not having any experience and ignoring the concerns and trials and tribulations of a people that deal with this problem their whole lives.  Not believing so is contributing to the problem and sticking to your beliefs and the obsession of being right (and perhaps the obsession of feeling that you’re better than and your own issues with racism) vs. anything aligned in the reality of the truths of the day to day lives of minorities.  It is a privileged mindset not to have to worry about such things and then claiming they don’t exist despite what so many others are saying.  If I don’t experience something than it doesn’t exist.  How doe that make any sense?  Relying on what one only experiences and sees will easily lead to untruths.  We need others, we need collaborate efforts in order to expel the evils and ill intentions of a society.  We must be vigilant to stand up as one people to go against this or else we are doomed to fail as country, people, vision.

Article can be viewed here at





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