1/14…Standing in a pot line with Axelrod Beaverton (Found in high on life: the reality within the reality)

11 01 2014


Lyon Keating:


Denver is an interesting place at the moment.  I ride my bike across town and see hoards of people standing in the various cannabis distillery lines.  I think it’s hilarious that these places are called ‘cannabis distillery’s’ like they are some sort of brew house or something.  They are pot stores, plain and simple.  If you want some pot you go to the pot store.  Stop it with the, “I need to medicate myself at the cannabis distillery.”  Just go to the store and buy some pot.  For a lot of people, that will just make you feel good.  Not in a heroine sense but in a “wow, I mildly feel good sense’ and why wouldn’t I partake from time to time?


Of course I jumped in line and right off the bat I had the few people around me all giddy and talking to each other about how it feels so weird to be standing in line to buy pot.  Everyone seemed in a generally good mood.  People were open.  There was an old man, a latin guy, and a black guy, me, and a white couple.  By the looks of it, I doubt any of us would have ever approached each other but here we were all chatting about how weird it was for us to be in line.  Then another guy came up to me and offered to sell me pot rather than wait in line for a much-discounted price.  I said how I felt that was a good idea but did not want any because I wanted to legally see how this process worked out.  Then I thought to myself how lucrative of a business idea it would be in Denver to be a pot delivery driver.  Granted it would still be illegal but can you imagine how many hoards of people are demanding it?  For those of you not from here, it would be a little bit like if alcohol became legal suddenly.  There is so much money in the air regarding this industry it’s crazy.  I only wish I was smarter and had better ideas than just being in essence a pizza delivery driver.  Hmm maybe pot with pizza, haha.  Maybe that’s Peyton Manning’s next move and people will stop criticizing him for buying a mediocre, at best, pizza company in a state that just legalized weed.  That would be the most efficient audible ever throw out by old Peyton if that’s his plan.  Denver and Colorado have found their money maker and it’s in a product that brings people together, takes an edge off, and makes them giddy and feel moderately better at times with what seem to be little known side effects with moderate use.  What a product eh?


The line took about 20 minutes and the process was not what you would think it would be.  They only let 3 or 4 people into the shop at a time.  People come out smiling and cheering and some even high fiving everyone in line.  Everyone has a smile on their face and it’s very festive.  It makes everyone laugh and starts up even more conversation with randoms.  Good stuff.  The guy in front of me suddenly got worried because he thought that customers were getting searched by the guard upon entering and he was worried because he had pot on him.  I brought him back down and convinced him that I don’t think the pot store is going to be concerned if you happen to have pot in your pocket.  We started to laugh.  “Hey, I’m still getting used to this he said.”


The door opens and the wave of that fresh, dank, sweet pot smell comes rolling on us as we enter with some good old, mild to high volumed, gangster rap in the background.  I used to hate that smell, and that music as well, as I associated it with my neighbor growing up who used to try and get me to smoke pot before high school.  I’m glad I abstained back then.  My story with the drug didn’t really surface until I moved to San Francisco when I was 21.  Just like anything else, it needs to be treated with respect and for young kids to be experimenting with anything that makes them feel ultimately better they are kids and will think that it’s golden and will over rely on it just how kids over rely on playing, on movies, on video games, etc.  Kids are kids and they need to be watched and allowed to roam free within the confines of being watched so they don’t do anything stupid and can make it to adulthood and then make their own decisions.  Your life is a long life.  You can smoke pot or drink your ass off or play videogames for 50 to 70 years if you just abstain for a few during your vital formative ones just so you don’t get totally fucked up in adolescence.  You got enough drugs to deal with already inside of you then.  And the wind chimes of fatherly advice ring yet again even though I don’t have kids.  Guess I know what I’ll sound like.  Anyway, the heavily armed guard seems also to be giddy and tells us to get in a line and get our IDs out.  He proceeds to ask a million questions to the Hispanic and black guy in line with me but lets me and the other white couple go with just looking at our IDs.  Modern day racism?  We then proceed to another line where we wait patiently for another women who takes our IDs again.  Everyone in line seems hesitant and nervous, like they’ve just walked into a sting.  People approach the guard very hesitantly and he pokes fun at them by making them move three inches this way while looking at their picture, then three inches that way.  He’s totally fucking with the whole anxiety of the situation.  Maybe he’s had a little contact high.


At the next women who we show are IDs too she takes them and asks what we want our name to be.  “What?”  I say.  “You can pick any name you want.”  “Okay Axelrod Beaverton.”  She laughs and says that many people don’t pick fake names when given the option.  I can’t believe people don’t think of other names they would want to be known as.  I then ask why you are allowed to pick a fake name.  She doesn’t seem to know why either but just says that you can pick any name you want whenever you come in here.  Haha, what a great detail!  It’s just the sort of thing I want to do when I go to my local pot store.  Whoever passed that one in congress certainly probably had a little giddy toke before making that decision.


I then proceed back to a line and wait for my turn to be called to go beyond the portable wall that is up between the line, the guard, and the golden green.  Finally it’s my turn.  I go beyond the wall expecting to see flowers all around.  I also like how they once again turned the term ‘weed’ into flower.  It definitely goes over well.  To my disappointment, there are no flowers or weeds anywhere in sight and it’s two people at a counter asking me what I want.  “Well I don’t know, I’m just stoked to be in here.  I can’t see any product.”  She then pulls forward box after box of crystally flowers and buds with purples, oranges, and hairiness all over them.  They have hash, edibles, butters, pipes, vaporizers, etc.  I could have stayed there for a good hour holding up the line for a long while as my curiosity was running wild at the contents of this store.  There were other rooms and why wasn’t I allowed to go back there I asked.  “Well that’s for people with a membership” the lady said.  Ok, that makes sense.  And apparently if you get a card and a membership you don’t have to pay the 25% tax that is levied on pot by the state.  Holy shit, they are making a profit!  One day, I’ll make it to that room.  That room looked more like what I would have thought this room would be like.  Again, just imagine booze suddenly becoming legal.  You would go into a bar for the first time and just stare at all the different kinds of liquor that were in there.  It will be interesting to see where this industry will be in ten years or so.  I said I was interested in a body high more than a heady one and they recommended an Indica that seemed to suffice.  I don’t know exactly if that is correct as the women didn’t seem too confident in her decision and weed is pretty mild but there are definite strains that relax the body more vs ones that relax the mind.  It’s a pretty cool thing like that.  There are a million strains from different families all with cool names like Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Cheese, Purple Urkel, Skywalker OG, etc.  You got to dabble and see what you like but it’s very easy to beforehand like something named Skywalker OG.  It’s a lot like wine in that sense with all the different types.  What if one day pot culture turned into super snobby wine culture.  Ha, one day I’m sure and it’ll be like West Virginia that starts it.


I only spent about 5 to 10 minutes inside.  I high fived a couple of people on the way out.  There are only a handful of places in Denver that are approved for recreational use at the moment.  Many more will be coming in the months ahead and that will get rid of the lines I would think.  I texted a few friends, one of which wrote back that, “the future is weird.”  It really is.  A culture has certain rules and constraints and thoughts and morals.  My age group is starting to see some of those change and it’s really nice to see.  There are places which will never turn to the dark side of something like marijuana or say gay marriage or other progressive issues but the jokes on them.  They’ll be stuck in the past with their traditional mindsets, fighting against a world that is ever changing more quickly against them; trying to dictate the world to their bidding.  What a waste of energy.  I’ll take sitting in the sun, talking with my neighbor, accepting their non-hurtful way of life, being giddy, etc.  One of the more funny aspects about this issue is that I’ve noticed that weed produces a general appreciation for the basic instincts.  Laughing, eating, sleeping.  It allows the mind to appreciate when sometimes it is hard to do so.  It can allow a certain level of content to come about regarding life within a culture that can often be so hussle hussle and achieve this and achieve that in various stressful situations that we place upon ourselves.  Granted some people feel differently and it’s not for them and some people unfortunately take it too extremes but some people take eating hamburgers to extremes and we don’t dictate over people who do that.  Whatever it is, it is extremely human how people can go at things and I think that is important to realize vs focusing on the specific object people are infatuated with. 


It is nice to see people and our culture being open to change and the idea that something can be newly defined at any moment in time or age for you.  The insecurities and guilt and prior life feelings can be hard to overcome but it sure feels good when you redefine something in your life and experience a bit of vulnerability from it.  Vulnerability creates bonding when you acknowledge it and allow others to see it.  There are a lot of ways to live and I’m fortunate to be living at all and living in a place that can change.  Of all the possibilities that could have occurred for me in this whole universal hodgepodge cornucopia I happened to be a human and I happened to have the ability to reflect and ponder and laugh and be giddy with people in a pot line and be known as Axelrod Beaverton.  What a random chain of events I’ve been granted:)




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