9/12…Political Posturing of the 2012 Election. Clint Eastwood makes an impact…(Found in Obama and Politics)

10 09 2012

Lyon Keating:

Ushering in a new political season is getting in the way of my favorite time of year.  The October baseball playoffs!  When it’s up to me, I am usually caught watching one of two things on TV.  Sports, usually in the form of baseball, basketball and tennis and any political shows.  I get into very similar crazy and competitive natures while watching my favorite teams and thinking about my favorite political ideologies.  I am very much looking forward to this October and how am I going to find the time between the two?

It’s convention time and I’m finding I’m a bit more annoyed than usual this year (not to say I have a lot of convention experience as this is merely my 3rd that I’ve paid attention to).  At times, I forget if I’m watching the Republican or Democrat convention with all the bland, general nothing talk and mentioning of god and god bless this and god bless that and real American values this and support our troops that and not to mention just the blind allegiance and fake patriotism or nationalism being portrayed that spews forth like a volcanic flow of burger king mal nourishment.  Most of it is just a crapshoot and a manipulative puppet show to try and get people to believe certain things.  It leaves an awful feeling in my stomach similar to an outdated batch of freezer burned taquitos when the supplies are low.  However, I know why they do it and I get it.  There are too many people out there who care about such things, or pretend to care, and one has to speak to the masses and the bland language they want and not veer too far on the right or left.  I’m a bit impatient for that and I don’t quite view the world the same as most people, so really, if the convention or message was directed at people like me, whoever was doing so would lose by drastic margins I’m sure.  So thank your lucky stars someone like me is not your party’s campaign manager.

There were moments in each convention that really displayed the finer themes of what is at work here.  One in particular was during the republican convention when Clint Eastwood took the stage.  He looked atrociously old and sort of mumbled on and had a confusing conversation with a chair that he was trying to display as being Barack Obama (he later claimed that he thought of this act a minute or two before going on stage).  This display couldn’t be more symbolic for what’s happening to the modern day Republican Party.  Old ideas are being garbled and lost in translation that don’t simply resonate anymore to the community of influential, forward thinking, up and coming generations.  Such things as being disapproving of gays, not allowing women the rights to abortions and their bodies and believing they should be swept up by their husbands to be cared for (as Mrs. Romney explained she was swept up by her knight in shinning armor).  Other out of touch ideas include being overtly or passively racist and non accommodating to non-whites, fighting traditional wars, enforcing out of touch, expensive, hypocritical drug/marijuana laws vs that of alcohol laws.  We live in a society that needs to be adjusted to allow for the new types of people living in it and where health care access to more people is put at top priority and not to be stricken down.  These are the needs of the world that is developing.  Regardless of the details of our personal makeups we are an era of people in which going forth together and collectively is starting to take precedence and need.  Socialism is no longer a bad word.  Clint Eastwood grew up and flourished in the era when the above things were either the opposite or not important at all and he is in his 80s.  Why are we still catering to the ideas of the generation that are in their 80s?  They had their hey day and in all reality, as the very near years pass, there will be more people with these ideas that simply pass away than people coming up through the ranks who give a damn about most of the things Clint Eastwood values.  The conservative, republican campaign is hanging by a thread and trying to force feed their views by doubling down on its ideas to a generation that is literally dying away while the newer ones can’t relate.  Who is going to keep the torch lit and carry on these ideas?  Why can’t they see the bigger picture and invest in the ideas of those coming up?  What new republican in time to come will capitalize on this?  One that has modern/liberal social views combined with a more conservative fiscal policy.  That will be the republican who has a fiery chance of sweeping the electorate battle swing state board.  Leave all the Clint Eastwood ideas behind republicans and you got yourself a fight and an era where a whole new generation will re-evaluate their positions and throw their weight behind all sort of newly defined republican party values.  This is where liberal political parties will suffer in the future but will have, at the same time, won in the long run.




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10 09 2012

I don’t think the Republican Party should be allowed to say they have real conservative fiscal policies if they continue to slash & burn programs to provide tax cuts to the wealthy I think we’re watching the death of the Republican party as we knew it and the emergence of a party that preys on the fear & racism of Otherness to influence people to sell out so the few can have more Cayman Island accounts. We’re watching them eat themselves alive and why? Because Americans want to move forward, and many of them have grand-babies that are of mixed-race. It is getting harder to hate on your grand-baby that because of harsh economic times of your own voting record is living with you. You’re right, holding onto the Olden times is something they shouldn’t do because it isn’t truly reflective of the Reagan era Republicans that they would like us to recall. This current incarnation is far more insidious. So if you’re holding out hope to see a Republican Party like yesterday, good luck.

11 09 2012

Your selling out rhetoric reminded me of the new movie “the campaign” with Ferrel and Galifinakis. We will be sold out if we go in that direction like you said. The grandchildren situation is something I’ve never thought of but so true. Thanks for sharing:)

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